Yep, I am STILL pissed off re the Grammys, but wait there’s more!

Ordinarily this would have been a regular FB post but I had a lot I wanted to address in a short space soooo…

(1) Came across this NYT article that posted BEFORE the Grammys:


Let me repeat: “spirited debate” and “suspicions” that ‘Beyoncé was trying to “run the table” on nominations in a diverse group of categories.’ ” Say word??? Y’all mad cause she got range like that??? #HATERS

(2) Came across a post via TMZ (yes they are messy af but they are almost always accurate) noting that writer/singer Victor Willis of the Village Police wrote a letter to the head of the Recording academy accusing them of having a secret select committee that exists to override decisions of the voting body. Hmmmm…


There IS an update from the recording academy that claims no such secret select committee exists and that there is plenty of information re their Nominations Review Committees available via their site. Okay. I’m STILL mad. The day after the Grammys I went H.A.M. posting articles about how Bey got robbed. See below:

“Beyoncé Falls Victim to the Grammy Awards’ Racism” (Daily Beast)
“Adele bests Beyoncé and the Grammys reach peak irrelevance” (WaPo)
“Grammys 2017: Why Adele beat Beyoncé for Album of the Year” (VOX)
“Lemonade Didn’t Win Album Of The Year Because White People Don’t Know How To Not Be White People” (VSB)
“#GrammysSoWhite Came to Life. Will the Awards Face Its Race Problem?” (NYT)
“What Beyoncé Won Was Bigger Than a Grammy” (NYT)

Like I said, I was on a tear!

(3) The latest nonsense I came across was this RIDICULOUS piece in the New York Post.


I KNOW RIGHT???? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATER!! So I didn’t REALLY want to give it any clicks but I ended up kinda sorta skimming it and still I say HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATER!!! But seriously please please PLEASE click on it for the comments in the twitter thread – that is ALL you need!



In conclusion, Q. WTF has Beyoncé ever done to ANYONE? (What happened with Destiny’s Child might be up for debate but I’m not getting into that right now. Oh yeah and that Ledisi, Glory, Grammys 2015 thing, ahem… BUT in the grand scheme of her career what REAL scandal exists? Exactly.) Q. WTF has Beyoncé ever done to YOU specifically?? CAN SHE LIVE?? DAYUM! NOT that Beyoncé needs me or the all powerful, all seeing BeyHive to defend her, because without question she got this. Case in point:


“Middle fingers up, put them hands high… I ain’t thinking bout you.”

STILL, I chime in because I am a fan. I respect her hustle, her evolution, her professionalism, her girl/women power anthems (and sexy stuff) and her overall badassedness. I will never not be in my car singing a Beyoncé jam at the top of my lungs. I will never not make a “bee line” for the dance floor if “Get Me Bodied” comes on. And don’t let it be the extended mix, I might drop a pound or two. My point is, I fux wit her. Period.

Thanks guys, I just needed to get that off my chest. Whew! There’s just not liking her and then there’s pure vitriol (FOR WHY?) and/or just good ole fashioned RACISM! #EyeRoll #GetSomeBizness #Impeach45 #YeahISaidIt

OH WAIT, I almost forgot! AND someone tried to come for Serena AND someone tried to come for “Moonlight” – y’all… I had to turn to the beautiful Ms. Jill Scott:

Hate on me hater
Now or Later
Cause I’m gonna do me
You’ll be mad baby

(Go head and hate)
Go head and hate on me hater
I’m not afraid of
What I got I paid for
You can hate on me…

You Cannot…
Hate On me
Cause my mind is free
Feel my destiny
So Shall it Be

That part!

(Mama Tina and Pregnant Beyoncé images courtesy of Love B. Scott)

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