“Worst Behavior” #DrizzyDrake

My reactions:

(1) Awww he included his Pops. #HeartMelt

(2) Ooooohhh he included his Pops and his Pops’ friends! Hmmm re cadillacs, gators, suits and beer #Wtf

(3) The eye check from the Lil dude in red at 2:16!!! #Priceless

(4) Did u miss it? Lil dude quietly eye checked Drake as well! Bet Kendrick is somewhere considering scooping him up for TDE. #Jokes

(5) Wait, I’m SUPPOSED to laugh at this video right?

(6) “Here hold my phone” while he takes a call on THE OTHER PHONE!!! Yes!! #Sh*tIDo

(7) Love Drake’s white friends from Canada. That’s where they’re from right? Like, they are not from Memphis right??

(8) Wait, is this video supposed to cement Drake’s street cred (coughs at ‘street cred’)? #LegitQuestion 

(9) Juicy J: “Well I gotta get the f*ck outta here now” #YES! #UsingThis

(10) His friend combing his beard #NiceTouch

(11) OMG!! NOT the rollers!!! Nooooooooooooooooooo!!! Sweet Tee? Sweet Tea?? Never mind #WhoTheF*ckCares

(12) But the red camouflage pants tho… They look good with his red undertones.

(13) But for real, you should have LED with your Memphis roots when you first came out. Just saying it might have helped. But then again the wheelchair character… #HauntedByDegrassi

(14) I like the hat but you are NOT a “Menace To Society” #KeepTrying

I actually like this song and despite all the jabs I do like Drake, with his sometimes I rhyme “sensitive” sometimes I rhyme “hard” schizo flow. Being on your “Worst Behavior” as an adult can have it’s benefits, sometimes…


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