‘UnREAL’ Recap – “Insurgent” (S2:E2)

Ruby went H.A.M!! I LOVE HER!! And y’all already know how Quinn gets down  – Boss Lady! Chet is a nightmare and “Poor Rachel” I am fearing for her sanity!! Point blank – I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! Remember Season 1 is available via HULU!!! What are you waiting for???

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  1. July 3, 2016 @ 8:22 pm S.

    This show. Sigh. I feel like everyone likes this because everyone else likes this. I’d watched 4/5 episodes before I saw any reviews and I was kind of like, ‘whaa’ and eye rolled at the predictable ‘strong, female characters’ bs.


    It started off well but then I realised it was just another show about terrible people doing terrible things, and oh look, something sad happens and…they go back to being terrible. The aspect that intrigues people is probably the whole Bachelor (which I’ve never watched) scenario. Otherwise it’s a 6/10 show at best. Lol. Clearly I’m not American enough to enjoy UnReal. 😛

    However, once I’m done with Sons of Anarchy, I have a hate-watching slot free. And Michael Rady is on season 2, so…I’ll half watch just to see him, lol. 😛


    • July 5, 2016 @ 12:55 pm CM

      Hey! Funny I didn’t get a notification that you left a comment. Glad I just happened to catch it. I knew about this show last summer but didn’t start watching it until a few weeks before Season 2 started. I’ve never watched The Bachelor so I had little interest in a scripted show based on a similar premise – that is until I started watching it. Not even gonna front I really do love this show. I think the only show I watch regularly where people routinely do horrible things to each other is Game of Thrones so I’m usually a bit taken aback when I see such behavior. I do find the writing exceptional and I am legit loving this season. And yes Michael Rady is GREAT eye candy. 😉


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