Throwback Thursdays: Valentine’s Day Edition

Today is Valentine’s Day, sometimes love is great, sometimes it is, well, you know DIF-FI-CULT (ahem…) ANYway below is a mix of songs illustrating the good and the bad 😉

You know it starts out like this:

"I love you! No, I love YOU!"

with songs like:

“My Love, Sweet Love” – Patti Labelle

“I Found My Everything” – Mary J. Blige/Raphael Saadiq

“There’s Nothing Better Than Love” – Luther Vandross & Gregory Hines

And “Endless Love” – Diana Ross & Lionel Richie

and then this happens:

Boooooo love!

Or worse:

(Don't worry, no cupids were actually harmed during the making of this image)

and now you’re mad/sad and singing loudly off key to:

“You Give Love A Bad Name” (Bon Jovi)

Chin up! Hopefully this comes next:

“Let’s Stay Together” – Al Green


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