Throwback Thursdays: And the world rallied around her… #AngelaDavis

She became a world wide figure for justice…

There were buttons, posters and t-shirts:


Magazine covers:



And songs:

1. Sweet Black Angel – Rolling Stones

“Well de gal in danger, de gal in chains, but she keep on pushin’, would you do the same? She countin’ up de minutes, she countin’ up de days. She’s a sweet black angel, not a gun toting teacher, not a Red lovin’ school marm; ain’t someone gonna free her, free de sweet black slave, free de sweet black slave”

2. “Angela” Davis – John & Yoko/ Plastic Ono Band

“Angela, they put you in prison,
Angela, they shot down your man.
Angela, youre one of the millions
Of political prisoners in the world.

Sister, there’s a wind that never dies,
Sister, were breathing together.
Sister, our love and hopes forever,
Keep on moving, oh, so slowly round the world.”

3. Free Angela (Thoughts…and all I’ve got to say) – Bayete (Todd Cochran)

4. Angela’s Dilemma” (A Message From The Tribe) – Phil Ranelin & Wendel Harrison

She became the embodiment of a Revolution. A revolution still underway today…

Free Angela and All Political Prisoners” is currently in select theaters (Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, DC, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Oakland, Philadelphia). If it is not playing in your city, visit and request to have it brought to your city. Use your voice.


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