Baltimore, Deflate-gate and S.E.X. (You getting any?) Ep69

The Madness Collective” is Crescent “Corporate Rebel” Muhammad and a rotation of amazing guest co-hosts. It’s a weekly show covering all the “madness” that happens in the world. I take news, politics and entertainment and make it digestible, funny and maaaaybe offer up an opinion (or several – loudly sometimes…). Seriously this channel is a good place to stop, watch and get your updates!

Tune in the next TWO MONDAYS for Informative, Funny and ALWAYS Out Of Control content!

Ep69 Guest Co-Hosts: Actress/Blogger Nikea Gamby-Turner, Me, Spoken Word Artist/Poet Tanya Alexander-Henderson and Director/Writer Carl Seaton.


(1) Episode 69a (Segment 1) – “News & Politics”

Topics: Baltimore, Carl Seaton’s “Turn Down For What”, Ben Carson “Obama is like a psychopath”, Deflategate and that dude Floyd Mayweather.

(2) Episode 69b (Segment 2) – “Entertainment News”

Topics: Uptown Funk’s “Oops” With The Gap Band, Chris Brown “Special” Naked Woman, Tyga IS Dating Kylie, But what about Marvin Gaye tho? Oh Mariah…

(3) Episode 69c (Segment 3) – “Let’s Talk About Sex”

Topics: Poem “The Kiss”, “Sex With No Titties”, The Tiny Penis Dilemma, Oral? Anal? Monogamy? Well…?



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