The GOP Shutdown the Government, Obamacare is Extremely Popular and SCANDAL IS BACK!!

Not gonna front, I’m totally worn out and don’t have a lot of time.

(1) This is the key point I need to make about the government shutdown:

THIS. IS. THE. FAULT. OF. THE. GOP! Please please PLEASE whatever you do, do NOT allow yourself to believe any portion of the rhetoric spouting from Republican politicians or Fox News. I’ve seen headlines calling this “Obama’s Shutdown” or “Harry Reid won’t cooperate” – BULLSHIT! The crew holding Congress hostage right now are so evil I am actually frightened (currently making the sign of the cross). Evil. Nasty. Scary. Horrible. Lying. Bastards.

Gutless, Evil, Lunatics

(2) The Affordable Care Act a.k.a. “Obamacare”

First, it kicked off on October 1st AND it is so popular that the servers are crashing. Yes, that is a technical issue that should be addressed asap but let’s take 2 seconds and consider what that means – it means MILLIONS want affordable healthcare.

Second, I’m a little confused re the “Plan” of the 13 year olds who have the economy in a headlock right now. MILLIONS of people are signing up for healthcare and yet your crew is still hell bent on defunding it?? WTF??? No seriously this sounds absolutely f*cking ludicrous. Or wait, is it that you want to remove the penalty component for people who have not signed up by March. The component that ensures that EVERYONE contributes to the system?? FUCK YOU! GO HOME AND NEVER COME BACK!! Seriously I hate these people. Evil. Nasty. Scary. Horrible. Lying. Bastards.

Oh yeah and this, you must watch THIS:


(3) Mitt Romney has a black grandson. He is adopted. That is all.

Mitt Romney posted this picture on his Twitter Friday. The caption read, "Our 22nd grandchild was officially adopted today: Kieran James Romney. cc: @AnnDRomney." (Photo courtesy of Twitter)

He's adorable!

#ThatPoorSweetBrownBaby (Come on! you know I had to say it!!)

(4) Speaking of Scandal, for those who do not keep up with me via facebook, below is a reprint of my Friday Morning Scandal Recap:

(1) “DAD!” #RowanPope; (2) “Livi” said “NO!” to him like she was 3 yrs old #Awwww; (3) “POWER is in charge!” #True; (4) Watching “Livi” get yelled at hurt my feelings; (5) “Money’s not a problem, there’s ALWAYS money!!” #Goals; (6) “I am the Hell AND the High Water” (I think my heart stopped for a sec); (7) “The Lord does not have the right to vote in the United States of America” (I kinda wish he/she did) #LoveMsCyrus; (8) Best Line Category Nominee: “That poor sweet brown baby” (I almost spit out my red wine); (9) Cyrus kissed James in the White House hallway!!!! #Proud; (10) Joe Morton’s monologues are EVERYTHING!; (11) “I am NEVAH outta options” (Tell him honey, TELL HIM!)#BettaRecognizeMofo; (12) That white coat, that walk, I heart Olivia Pope #AllDay; (13) “Gladiators or B*tches??” #GoHardOrGoHome!! (14) I don’t know why these cats keep underestimating Mellie#SheSmartTooYaKnow; (15) All these twists and turns straight worn me out! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay SCANDAL IS BACK!!!!! #Friday

I know it’s probably a little hectic to read it that way but umm yeah since I am still html challenged this is all I got for the moment.

I gotta go but y’all make sure to tune into Episode 32 of “The Madness Collective” on Monday ’cause you know how we dooooooooo… 😉

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