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As I mentioned earlier I didn’t really care about the game. However, I was very interested in watching the commercials. Hey, you watch for your reasons, I’ll watch for mine. Surprisingly three things happened:

(1) We started watching the game late (hot tub came first) and I wasn’t in control of the DVR (don’t ask) so commercial watching was touch n go.

(2) I soon surmised that the quality of the commercials themselves were “touch n go” so apparently I wasn’t missing anything.

(3) Halfway through the game I realized I was rooting for Peyton Manning’s little brother. Sorry to use that phrasing Eli, I mean you’ve got a dope arm and everything BUT Peyton’s my guy. AND you were playing in HIS stadium AND I still haven’t gotten over what happened to the Colts this season. #tear

The sad thing is it doesn’t sound like Peyton is coming back. Well, it sounds like he shouldn’t come back – whether or not he heeds the advice of countless doctors is another story. I mean I get it but damn that’s a tough call.


I like Madonna (mostly) but I’m not gonna front and say I was hyped when I heard she was doing the halftime show. My response was more like “okay, sure, whatever.” STILL, I was curious to see what she would do.

Visually – it was pretty damn impressive.

Performance itself – eh, sure, okay. I thoroughly respect the fact that she can still move like that at 50 plus and I’ll leave it at that…

Continuing re performance – well wasn’t I surprised when I saw Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. show up on stage. No seriously, NEITHER one of those chicks is known for her family friendly lyrics or performances – like at all. THUS, honestly NBC/NFL/FCC/CAMERA DELAY TEAM and whomever else was involved in this production, are you REALLY surprised M.I.A. threw up her middle finger?? I mean somebody should have thought SOMETHING might go down. #stupid

I didn’t even see it happen. I heard about it afterward and in the grand scheme of things, I don’t really care but I will say this:  Good for you M.I.A. for being an immature classless cow. Grow up.

Best part for me:  CEE-LO. TOTALLY LOVE THAT DUDE!

Right now Prince’s halftime show is still my favorite. YO it was raining and he still GOT. IT. IN!  #swoon


The “Doritos, ‘You Didn’t See Nuthin’ “ was kinda dark but you GOTS to respect the execution! Poor kitty 🙁

Can I point out that they had a lot of fired up, wanna be hype commercials for cars that are anything but that?? The KIA might actually be a respectful car (cough) but it just sounds b*tch made so using hot women (Victoria Secret’s model) or Rock n Roll bands (Motley Crue) is NOT gonna work for you guys. Either change the name of the car OR figure out some better advertising. #terrible

The “Volkswagen, “Working Out Like a Dog” was cute:

Re Clint Eastwood and “Chrysler’s ‘Halftime in America’ ”:  at first I was scared, then nervous, then slightly optimistic, then a little proud but still nervous and then cautiously optimistic and still a little frightened. No matter what he is actually talking about (Making his day, ice cream, Santa Claus, American exceptionalism), Clint is just a scary dude. Period.

Update:  Apparently Karl Rove found this ad “offensive”.  Gee Karl that sounds down right un-American of you. Tsk tsk.

Hey advertisers, you have a WHOLE year to get your ish together. Handle that.

Note to self:  next year either watch the game in real-time OR figure out a way to be in control of the DVR. #goals.

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  1. February 7, 2012 @ 8:56 am Scissorhands

    I’m only riding part of the way with you on your halftime show analysis. I actually thought that this was the best one ever, but after you jogged my memory, I may need to say that it’s tied with Prince. He gets it purely based on performance quality, while this one was just amazing to see. Madonna could’ve been barking like a geriatric dog (don’t be mean) and it still would’ve been dope. Now, where I absolutely disagree is about M.I.A. Aw, hell naw. You done confused expressiveness with immaturity, in this man’s opinion. I’ll be speaking more about that back on my OWN blog, vs. hogging your comment space though. 😀


    • February 7, 2012 @ 9:35 am CNM

      LOL! Welcome Scissorhands, WELCOME!! Aiiiight, I can KINDA see how one might say it is a tie based upon your break down (performance quality vs visuals) BUT I still gots to go with my man. It’s Prince dude, PRINCE! And please please PLEASE enlighten me re interpreting M.I.A.’s “gesture” as her expressing some misplaced angst instead of viewing it as her being a supreme a*shole. Why she mad? The next hit song taking too long to arrive??? 😉


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