Sunday TV – Power, Game of Thrones, Insecure

In order of when I watched it:


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(1) Doesn’t Julio know Kanan? Why didn’t he IMMEDIATELY run and tell Tommy he saw him? #Confused. I like Julio – A LOT – but I keep thinking he ain’t gon’ make it.

(2) Didn’t Tasha just tell Tommy not to mess it up with Keisha and then he disappears for several days without telling anyone anything? #Dumb

(3) People still don’t like you Angela.

(4) Same to you Tariq.

(5) Tasha and lawyer dude gon’ smash.

(6) So no one else was paying attention to Sandoval’s cross of Ghost?? His details were REAL specific.


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(1) Stay the course Daenerys. Tyrion has been a good look for you.

(2) Grey Worm FOR THE WIN!!!

(3) I had to cover my eyes during that entire Sam & Jorah scene #GROSS! Ain’t enough rum in the world.

(4) So who is Jorah to Lady Mormont? An Uncle? I would look this up but I don’t have time.

(5) Hot Pie to “Arry”: “I can’t believe I thought you were a boy. You’re pretty.”

(6) That Direwolf was like I ain’t who you think I am but I will let you live cause you seem to know my people.

(7) Damnit Theon. You got it together to save Sansa but not your own sister???

(8) Good luck Jon Snow cause you’re gonna need it.

It’s a little weird watching this show in our own current era of everyone knows everything at the same time because I keep thinking wait you don’t know that happened???


Image via HBO

(1) Everyone looks GORG!!

(2) And that’s why you don’t invite randoms to the party. Smh.

(3) That last scene was THE most random quickie of all time. Is that a millennial thing?

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