Stuff happened this week…

Sorry, I’m a little outta sorts today so I’ll just get straight to the point:

(1) The “Government Shutdown” is OVAH and it only cost us $24 Billion!! Funny, I thought Republicans were all about being fiscally responsible, hmmmm.

(2) Saturday Night Live has a diversity problem and they should really really REALLY should stop acting like they don’t know why people are b*tching. It might be different if the show was still good but as EVERYBODY knows that ish is hit and miss and mostly “miss.”

(3) Apparently Oreo cookies are as addictive as Cocaine. Sure, why not?

(4) Kris Humphries auctioned off Kim’s engagement ring and Kim instagrammed this picture to Kanye – and everybody else in the world…

Kim Kardashian Reveals Hot, Curvy Post-Baby Swimsuit Body in Instagram

All these topics and much much more:

  • Drake and Future – Beef? No Beef?
  • TLC was on GMA – figure that out if you can 😉
  • Pitbull does some good in Miami
  • Prince is having a pajama party at his house in Minnesota and I am MAD I can’t go 🙁
  • A few people seem to have a problem with naming a street in Brooklyn after the late great Biggie Smalls.
  • Pussy Riot (that’s it, that’s all I’m saying for now)
  • The BET Awards (Cypher Time!)
  • AND Featured Artist “Tuxedo

will be covered on the next episode of The Madness Collective – #Ep34!!

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