Speaking of The Super Bowl (Yesterday)…

Overall the commercials were NOT outstanding, however there were a few standouts:


(1) “Puppy Love” (the one that might will make you cry)

Also, I love this song. So many feels!!! #ChokedUp

(2) “Casino’s Law” (aired locally in Georgia, made national headlines)

(3) “Cheerios — Gracie” – The ‘Just Too D*mn Cute’ ad a.k.a. the ‘Racist People Can Suck It’ ad a.k.a ‘Adorable Daughter Gets Over On Dad’ ad

(4) “Time Machine” – there’s always at least ONE Dorito ad that gets a favorable nod

(5) “GoldieBlox — Come On Bring The Toys” – last but certainly not least, one of my personal favorites ’cause you know GIRLS RULE!



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