Scandal Recap – “Baby Made A Mess” Like for real tho… (S4:E7)

(1) “Really?” / “Really” / “Don’t be mean” / “Tuck you in” / “That sounded dirty” – HA!! #PresidentStalker #SprungOnThatHopeIsh

(2) Liv to Fitz: “Actually I have a question for you” #HowIsJake? (#NotFromStateFarm)

(3) Scandal 101 – Picture perfect bed hair and sleepwear #GladiatorLife

(4) Umm so Quinn is NOT in danger right now? Oh wait, guess not. Dayum, well that’s one way to check out. #ExcuseMeWhileIShootMyself

(5) Senator McDonnell’s “playtime” and #2 – OMG! REALLY??? Cy is experiencing pure mirth. Not gonna front I would as well if that had been #TedCruz or #MitchMcConnell

(6) Ohhhh do we FINALLY get more of Abby’s backstory??? And look LEO’s BACK! #WhereIsVPSally???

(7) Abby almost fainted when Putney’s name was mentioned #PoThang

(8) Huck and his son – just make me nervous yo #HugHuck

(9) Umm YEAH y’all need to tell Liv ASAP about those damn pics #StopPlaying

(10) WHITE COAT CHECK! #GladiatorFashion

(11) Friends bring friends dresses at work #GladiatorLife

(12) Abby:  “I can’t cry in the White House. Press secretaries can’t cry” #ItsARule I don’t think women are allowed to cry in any work environment #Sexism!

(13) Abby: “You can’t ‘handle’ this” / Liv: “Watch me” #RECOGNIZE! #BossLady!! #WhoRunTheWorld????

(14) Yeeeeah that campaign signage was super sad #HelloKinkos?? (Yes I know Fedex took over Kinkos but I have fond memories of Kinkos so there!)

(15) Liv: “Because I’m Olivia Pope and I can make all your dreams come true” #ItsLikeLivingInDisneyWorld #SayYesSusan

(16) “I’M EVERY WOMAN” #SoundtrackWin!! #ChakaKhan! #Whitney!! #BettaKnow!

(17) Liv re Susan’s image: “Soooo maaaaaybeee just a “tweak” or two, you know some “adjustments” #MakeOverTime! #ByeByeExcessFacialHair

(18) COME ON CY – GET THAT A*SHOLE! #SetUp #USSRoosevelt

(19) Don’t know why but that image of Mellie with those extra large white clown gloves and the china in that blue dress was #Hilarious

(20) Mellie & Angry Hair Liz – super bad combo #Dangerous Also #WhereIsBitsy???

(21) David: “That place holds people who eat people” #SuperMax

(22) David: “This isn’t” #DEAD!!!!! (Best line of the night!)

(23) Yeah David you’ve already been POPED! #YouSleptHomie

(24) WHITE. COAT. CHECK! #PartDeux

(25) Seriously am I really the only one who finds tom’s pale a*s eyebrows unsettling? I know he has ’em but…


(a) “I don’t mean to stare it’s just I don’t get to look at you very often” #Wooooow!

(b) “And you are beautiful, the face that launched a thousand ships.” YOU BETTA DROP THEM LINES WHILE HANDCUFFED TO A CHAIR IN A SUPERMAX FACILITY TOM! I mean really what do u have to lose??? #SpeakUpMan!!!

(c) Liv: “I know I’m gorgeous but I need you to focus right now” (that’s how I heard it)

(d) Tom: “You have so much power” / Liv: “True”

(e) Tom: “Oh u think u have a father?” (#GirlPlease u don’t have a father) “U have command. Command doesn’t have a family.” #OUCH!!!!

(f) Tom just spilling all the TEA!!! Talking ’bout Fitz over there sounding like a wounded animal and being all suicidal and whatnot! #WHOA!

(g) Tom STILL spitting game! “You are beautiful. But really it’s what’s behind your eyes, I can see it. They all love you and I can see  it, I can see why” #HelenOfTroy

Can we pause for a minute and just reflect on how hard Tom went in???? #FansSelf

(h) Liv: “Right, so imma need u to focus for two seconds Tom.” Liv’s inner monologue: Can’t I just work w/o all the menfolk drooling over me??? Nah girl you can’t – THEY ALL LOVE YOU!!! Yo milkshake keeps ’em coming to the yard! #LovesIt!!!

(i) Tom wanted to kiss Liv. He was DEFINITELY thinking about it, almost went for it. LIV GOT THAT POWER Y’ALL!

(27) Poor blinking Susan. That’ s right, use the kid! The bunny slippers and missing teeth are KEY!!! #Winning!

(28) Re Chip Putney: what a loser creeper sh*tty specimen of a semblance of a human being. That’s right Abby #ProtectYoself #BestTimeForAGun #NotAtASchool

(29) Liv sitting at that desk looking like somebody’s momma – cause she is!!! #Isabelle!!

(30) Liv: “The truth shall set u free Abby”

(31) Abby: “But umm yeah about that…” #AnitaHillYo

(32) Quinn/Huck need to tell Liv about those damn pics! NOW!!!

(33) GRAY COAT CHECK! #GladiatorFashion

(34) Don’t nobody care about you trying not to get angry Fitz! #ManPlease

(35) Liv: “So u tried to kill yourself b?” #Well…

(36) Liv to Fitz: “You’re drunk” #AndHorny

(37) Pretty sure I kinda prefer Jake’s sexy talk to Fitz’s BUT both of them make me blush so maybe a tie?

(38) U BETTA GO GET U SOME “HOPE” GIRL! Yo other man locked up! And he already said it’s ok ‘member?? Must be nice to have quality “a*s options”… 😉

(39) OMG there was a commerical for #AARP and I thought it was Susan Ross trying to do another commercial for her senate race #IMightCouldBeAnAsshole

(40) Damnit Huck! Creeping at the arcade is NOT a good look even if you are his daddy. Sigh #SooooNervous

(41) Damnit Cy!! Imma need you to snap out of it #HeIsSoTurnedOut

(42) Leo re Susan: “Passing resemblance to Yosemite Sam” / “Yahtzee” / “Ugly egghead” / He is THE WORST! #Meanie!

(43) SPEAK ABBY SPEAK! “My ex husband is a disgusting f*cker” #YahtzeeThat!

(44) AND another coat check! Liv changes coats like regular people change sweaters #LOVE! #IT!

(45) People stay showing the fck up in Liv’s apt. Can she move to a supermax bldg???

(46) Papa Pope coming out of the shadows like that #AwwwwwwSHIT!  I. AM. SCARED!

(47) Girl he basically just told you he had that boy killed #YouListeningNow???

(48) Pope v Pope #Showdown! #SomebodyGottaDie #Biggie

(49) Yeeeaaah I think we all saw that coming #ByeByeTom

(50) It’s about time y’all gave Liv that folder! Y’all GOTTA keep her in the loop!! Her father is THE DEVIL! #BeelzebubInThisBitch!

(51) Mellie just transitioned a speech about White House china patterns into a foreign policy speech about Benghazi (I mean West Angola) #SheAintPlaying!

(52) Almost wish CY would pour that coffee in Michael’s super shady lap. Sidebar: No idea why I am so concerned about Cy being played given ALL the dirt he’s done, hmmm. [Answer: Cause that’s great character development, take notes Tyler #YeahISaidIt]

(53) Leo actually has a decent bone in his body? Well wonders never cease. Umm what about DAVID Abby??? Actally u know what never mind, do you boo!

(54) “Have some more bourbon and I’ll touch your boob #ThatsGameYall

(55) Mellie: “I’m back” #ByeChickenFriedMellie



(58) Like father like son huh? “I tracked you down by using your IP address” #SonOfHuck

(59) Umm if they don’t think Papa Pope/Eli/Rowan don’t know about that meeting in the White House basement than they don’t know that man #TheDevilAlwaysKnows

(60) Shonda I’m gonna draw the line at a threesome Mmmkay? Just giving you a heads up.



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