Scandal Recap – “Like Father, Like Daughter” (S4:E4)

(1) Yeeaaaah Jake #PapaPope ain’t playing witcha is he???? Yo a*s almost got blown to smithereens #RedLightMeansBombYo

(2) Jake: “Sure I’ll wait to tell you your father tried to have me killed tonight” #NoRush

(3) Call Cyrus’ other cell, the one marked #Black! THAT’S DEEP Y’ALL! (*snickers)

(4) Cy over there getting TURNED ALL THE WAY OUT!!! Come on Maaaaan!! Run a background check on him already! WHAT IS HIS LAST NAME?? #Smdh

(5) Huck shutting down e’rybody’s phone #DayumYo! #ThisEpIsSponsoredByTheNSA

(6) Prince’s “Controversy” YES!! #SoundtrackWin!!!

(7) Got Liv climbing out of a window, going up a fire escape and hopping into a copter #FavorCompleteHeffa!

(8) Drunk President’s daughter, Liv to the rescue! #ItsHandled

(9) Ooooh wait, guess the problem isn’t handled… #TroubleInParis

(10) “I do not care if you have to take America to DefCon1!!” #WakeHim!

(11) Yeeeaaaaaah Fitz’s daughter in a sex tape now THAT is a problem! She needs her a*s beat!! Where you at Mellie??!

(12) Wait, that is NOT the same daughter from last season! Y’all ain’t slick, I pay attention. I’M A GLADIATOR! #Hmpf!

(13) Ooooo Fitz was about to put hands on that hussy #CPS!

(14) “Every girl is someone’s daughter” HELLO!!!! SPEAK ON IT LIV!!

(15) #Abby called #Huck & #Quinn “a Zombie army of two” (*giggles)

(16) OMG! Cy just read the ish outta Abby: “Jealously makes you feel small / You are not Olivia / You will never be Olivia / And hating Olivia for your own shortcomings will not change that fact” #SoliderOn! OUCH!!!

(17) Mellie and those damn Uggs, what is that crunch n munch? #JustEating!

(18) Not Diana’s “I’m coming out” #Hiiiiiiiii-larious!

(19) Can we digest for a moment that they are looking at a bulletin board full of guys and she still can’t remember who she had sex with… Sigh #BlondeHairMaybe?  #SwagAPalooza

(20) “Bring me the head of John The Baptist!” #PapaPope

(21) “Disappointment” to “Frustration” to “Resentment” to “Anger” to “Rage” to “Indifference” = BIG TROUBLE!

(22) Papa Pope: “Don’t make me forget that you are one of my favorites Tom” #YesThatsAThreat

(23) Ooooo Fitz just tried to call Liv out: “Running away isn’t a good look either Ma” #Whatever!!

(24) Wait he REALLY doesn’t know Jake was with her?????? WOW! But for real he don’t know???? All alone, HA! #NOT!

(25) Yeeaaah David your hands ain’t clean buddy #OutOutDamnedSpot!

(26) Awwwwww SH*T! David is ALL IN the bubble now! Talking ’bout we can’t bring down the Republic and not giving up the files. Jake ain’t tryin to hear that tho! #FckYoMorality Cue #Chokehold

(27) O! M! G! Liv’s about-face. Mellie’s run. Those UGGS! That ROBE!! “OLIVIA!” Mellie’s grip. Liv’s look #Priceless

(28) Cy: “You got some new boots Mellie? New color?” Hahahahahahaha!! #DEAD!

(29) Not “Smelly Mellie” #OhMy… He also mentioned “Drunk Mellie”, “Crybaby Mellie”, “Gives no F*cks Mellie” and “Eats a lot Mellie” #Golly

(30) Umm Fitz they are not called “booties” they are called Uggs. After all this time I would expect you to know this information.

(31) Ooooooooo Mellie came back HARD on Fitz: “takes after her Daddy” #Lawd!

(32) Quinn went HAM on Bobby! Nothing like getting hemmed up out back by the dumpster to shake a mofo up a bit. #StartSnitching!

(33) The look Huck gave Liv when she was leaving Jake that voicemail msg, like “for real, you still doing that?” #Classic

(34) Yeah I like to order take out as well Liv. You are not alone. #Ahem…

(35) Damn near the worst parents EVER, just TRIFLING! #2.5Million

(36) Wait was that just a dig at reality tv?? “No better than a reality star – the lowest form of life.” Well dayum Shonda, tell us how you really feel! #FunnyTho

(37) Why are Liv/Fitz still so hot as a couple tho?? Regardless NO! I want her to have someone else. No Liv! NO!! RUN!!

(38) Whelp, now he knows… #JakeKeptHittingThat But seriously he REALLY didn’t notice they were both gone at the. same. damn. time?? #TskTsk

(39) Liv is back y’all!! “I’M THE BEST!” #BowDown!!

(40) ‘Preciate Mellie getting it together to talk to her daughter. WHEW! Now go take a shower and slip on a pair of Manolos or Louboutins – ANYTHING BUT THE UGGS!

(41) Ooooooo is Fitz gonna take Tom out all by himself???? I wanna see that! ADIOS TOM! #ShadyShadyBastard!

(42) Jake u shoulda tackled Fitz! Yelled out “PAPA POPE ORDERED TOM TO KILL YOUR SON!” Something!!!

(43) Too late Tom… #RowanRolledThrough it’s over now.

(44) Papa Pope/Rowan/Eli (so many names!) is NOT PLAYING!


Next ep: Fitz on some “Good bye Olivia” Puuuuleasse! Liv – I just saved your damn daughter AND you got to keep your 2.5M, I think you just might might OWE me!


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