Scandal Recap – “Inside the Bubble” (S4:E3)



(3) Yes you are a whore Michael #AShadyShadyWhore

(4) Umm that cliff video – craaaazy #KillerCliffBride

(5) Mellie are you wearing your Uggs while you destroy that apple? At least she put down the fried chicken #BabySteps

(6) David is officially inside the bubble. People die in the bubble David #JustSaying

(7) Papa Pope – looking all normal in a normal looking house #NotNormal #LikeNotNormalAtAll

(8) Yes I want Liv’s coat and bag #JustStoppingByOutfit

(9) Everything is colder because you were on a beach before #GirlStop

(10) Guess who’s coming to dinner #JAKE! #SoooManyLayers!

(11) Liv to Abby: “So why don’t we stay out of each other’s jobs” #Checked

(12) Heffa never took the bar and is living PLUSH! #Sigh

(13) “Dinner? Yes. Tomorrow night? Yes. With my father? (beat) No.” He really wanted to say “hell no” but decided against that verbiage.

(14) Jake: “You are not my girlfriend” #Mmmm

(15) “Call me later if you want me to do that thing to you” #Wooooooow So basically this season Jake is a d*mn freak huh?

(16) I. Do. Not. Like. Charlie. #Repeat

(17) This “killer cliff bride” is what brings Mellie out of her shell?? Kinda morbid but whatever it takes… #SheIsStillWearingTheUggsTho

(18) “Express Yourself” #SoundtrackWin

(18) AND this Heffa (Catherine) started out as a sidechick???? #HoesBeComingUp!

(19) Huck relaying Instagram hashtags #Hilarious

(20) Charlie #Ugh

(21) David looks like a lizard #YouKnowImRight

(22) New info alert: Abby was in law school w/ Liv – say what now?? Seriously tho, I don’t remember this info before, anyone else?

(23) That was pretty f*cked up Jake #TheWholeNight??

(24) Quinn/Charlie – No no no no no no

(25) Quinn: “Sad Charlie porn fantasy” #DoubleYuck

(26) “Stronger, tougher, more seasoned.” She laid him out didn’t she?

(27) Re “No  one wants you” – do not let yourself be f*cked w/ Quinn #Sigh

(28) Q. Did Quinn get a new tooth/new teeth? #Curious

(29) Mellie is all fired up re this #KillerCliffBride scenario #UmmmOkay #ThanksAbby

(30) Yes Cyrus, “Michael Who” indeed!!! Cyrus I need you to be Cyrus and run a FULL BACKGROUND CHECK ON THAT SHADY BASTARD. #WhatIsMichaelsLastName???

(31) Fitz to Gabby/Abby re Mellie: “Give her what she wants!” #WhoYouYellingAtB??

(32) “If I don’t get to be some soccer dad in Vermont then I need this all to have a point” #CryMeARiverDude #MoveOn Also you’re back to doing a lot of yelling at people Fitz AND you’re drinking again #Problem

(33) “Rosen’s Files” #Spinoff

(34) Huck #CreeperExtraodinaore Can u imagine waking up and seeing Huck standing by your bedside? I mean you couldn’t just call and say you were on your way??? #BoundariesYo

(35) Catherine’s daughter called her a “Gross Pedo” #True

(36) Question for you Catherine, why tape it?? #YouStupidYo


(38) Abby: “Ethically? You — rigger of elections??” #Hahaha

(39) “Olivia Pope Army” #Gladiators!!!

(40) That scene b/t Liv and Jake arguing through the door #LovedIt

(41) And yes I want that gray jacket as well #PleaseAndThankYou

(42) Dayum!! David Rosen is that MOTHA-F! Rolling up on the judge while he’s getting a hotdog #IKnowWhatYouDidThatSummer

(43) Poor Gabby

(44) Catherine: “I screwed a 17 yr old kid.” Okay fine BUT DID IT HAVE TO BE YOUR DAUGHTER’S BOYFRIEND?? #YouNasty and #DeadAssWrong

(45) I mean Quinn kinda has a point yo #24HoursYo

(46) Mellie called a cabinet meeting re the #KillerCliffBride

(47) Dang, talk about taking the wind out of her sails. He couldn’t text or call Abby w/ that info beforehand????

(48) Also that scene was super painful to watch #Ouch

(49) Actually yes Michael you should be worried. You should be very worried re this particular game you’re playing w/ Cyrus. #DeathAwaitsYou

(50) “I’m Abby Wheelan and I’m Scottish” #Recognize

(51) Awwww sh*t Marvin Gaye #WhatsGoingOn

(52) So are both Abby & Fitz missing Liv? And why exactly is Liv mad at Abby? Did I miss something? Is it because of that argument about Harrison??

(53) Y’all know that’s the closest Huck will come to saying “I love you” #IWillLookForYou


(55) Most awkward “boyfriend” / father dinner EVER! #NotNormal

(56) O.M.G!!!! Jake told Papa Pope to shut up! “Old man mouth?” And he told him he was done??? OOooooo-weeeeee!! Now Jake is coming strong w/ the monologues?? Y’all know he’s gonna die soon right????

(57) Papa Pope: “I’m not going any where” #YouBettaAskSomebody!!

(58) Remind me to NEVER do anything sordid on an elevator #InstantlyCaught

(59) DAMNIT CYRUS! #2500PlusGratuity #Smdh!

(60) Next ep: “Ain’t none of yo bizness where I went Fitz! NONE!!”


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