“You Can’t Take Command” #Scandal (S4:E22)

“A Bus Full of Death” Or “Evil Lurks Everywhere” #SeasonFinale!

(1) Ugh Mellie and Papa Pope sitting there laughing and chatting #UGH

(2) Did he say Damascus? Bainbridge?? #ComeAgain? #SayWhatNow? #Huh? (I’m sure this will become less cloudy eventually but for now I’m stumped and don’t have time to google)

(3) And BAM! The bomb we ALL knew was coming just got dropped. Hiroshima AND Nagasaki up in here. Wasn’t right then #AintRightNow #SMDH

(4) LOL! The glee that he exhibited when he handed Mellie that folder! #COMEDY!

(5) But seriously, Mellie NEVAH knew ’bout Rowan/Eli/Papa Pope? #NotNevahEvah??

(6) “You do not ask me who I am Mrs. Grant. You ask me what ‘I’ need” #HotDamn!

(7) Papa Pope was like “all y’all going down” #ABloodBath #AskMeWhatINeed

(8) Rowan don’t care NUTHIN’ but you being FLOTUS. He wants a list of names girl and you’re gonna get it for him #YouOnTheRopesMa!

(9) Awwww Liv thinking Fitz thoughts, recollecting that time when he took advantage of his position and let you touch the Constitution of the United States of America with your BARE HANDS!! Touching, but still #IrresponsibleAsHell!

(10) “Nah Jake Ballard ain’t my real name” #AliasYo

(11) Jake to Liv: “I’ll do whatever you want me to do” #Always! #TeamJake!!!

(12) I liked Liv with bangs, well if I’m honest I just like it better than the current look #MyTruth

(13) Jake: “I think it went okay” / David: “Okay? It was great!” – umm they are all going to die. Everyone is going to die. I don’t trust Shonda to not go all Game of Thrones in dis bish. #CantWatch

(14) Oooooohh Fitz talking about his legacy and Jake in there running his mouth. WHAT IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN???

(14.1) Sidebar: Fitz called VP Susan a muppet #Rude!

(15) Liv: “That is the man I voted for. I’m so proud of you.” All weepy and whatnot. ARGH!!!! #GoodbyeFitz #SHONDA????????


(16) Un oh – Huck just came a-running! WHAT IS IT????

(17) Oh sh*t. David is throwing up. He can’t handle NOTHING! Wait. Hold up. The bus? With the jurors? THE JURORS??? ALL THE JURORS????!!! I MEAN WORD??

(18) Hell now I feel like “I” gotta go gunning for Papa Pope my damn self! TOO FAR!

(19) David is finally officially done: “I ain’t dying for this shit” #TakeTheFiles #MyPartingGift #Holla


(20) David: “Okay?” / Liv: “Okay” / Me: Maaaaaaaaaan!

(21) Mellie coming down the hallway in that purple dress and pearls #Frantic!

(22) Have we ever seen Liv pace? For real, like ever?? I think Jake might be a little nervous “umm yes Liv you are correct you can’t take command” #ButWeCanLeaveAgain

(23) “You want to get out of here, just say the word. Any part of the globe is yours. I go where you go.” AWWWWWWWW! #Team #JAKE!!

(24) Liv said the word “prisoner” and was like “Oh wait, I know who I need to go see” #HeyMama

(25) Mama Pope: “Good grief. You’re here to talk about that a*shole I “married”?? Fine, what’s up now?” #SoOverIt

(26) Mama to Daughter: “You’re so vain. Did we not hug enough? Tell you that you were special enough as a child” I AM HOLLERING!! She over here channeling Carly Simon!


(27) “This uppity fantasy world you’ve decided to be a part of – it’s not real boo.” SHE CALLED HER BOO! TWICE! I AM DYING!!!! You need to check yoself BOO! #HA!!

(28) “Nobody even knows he exists” #KeyserSoze So what’s next? Is she headed to the NYT?? #FrontPageNews

(29) Cy is all like “you’re on your own Mellie” until she said “Remington” – that is always the magic word isn’t it? THAT got his attention. “Ssssssh, I’ll take care of it” #DontTellFitz

(30) Commercial break: Q. HOW they gone show Papa Pope a.k.a. Joe Morton in another show WHILE I’m watching the Season Finale of Scandal!???!! Who set this up?? HMPF! #Proof

(31) Love Liv’s white jacket. So umm she went to the CIA and not the newspapers? #Hmmmm

(32) Totally forgot that the head of the CIA was also a black woman #WeGotThis

(33) Does Liv really think this is going to work? That the head of the CIA isn’t in on it as well? AND/OR those agents with her?? YOU CAN NOT TRUST NOBODY GIRL! #NoBody!!


(34) “Code Bravo Alpha Five. Stay here this may take a while” Umm no, Liv bout to leave in handcuffs! I already see it coming.

(35) And now I pause to look up Damascus Bainbridge… Umm a reference to “The Road to Damascus??” #Biblical??? #Shonda?? #Anyone?

(36) Papa Pope to Cy: (a) I took out everyone that had just learned about me, you and your boy Fitz’s dirty dealings and (b) I didn’t kill your Attorney General. So yeah, now you owe me. That mofo just flipped the script of all scripts #Laborious

(37) Elizabeth is a G! Talking about “if it means we win, I’m good with everything that went down.” (Beat) Oh BUT WAIT! Y’all see that little smile on that heffa’s face when Mellie agreed to tell her everything???? #ErybodyShady!

(38) See the CIA Lady called Cyrus. I knew she was in on it and imma need you to have known that as well Liv! Jake??? EVERYONE SUCKS!

(39) Cy said I’m going to call you “honey” because I can’t remember your first name nor do I give a rat’s ass about what it is #IGotThePowerBoo

(40) Cy to Director Lowry: “Don’t get your face ripped off by a sleeping Lion” #Honey

(41) I can NOT have Liv be this naive! Nor Jake. I mean REALLY! And now both of y’all are in handcuffs! She has GOT TO STOP trusting people and just kill that evil sum o’ bitch herself!! WOMAN UP ALREADY! #HandleIt!

(42) Awww listen to Fitz’s speech to/for Mellie. “Her drive, her leadership skills, her ability to inspire people” #Breathtaking “Her love, her friendship means everything to me, as a team we’ve never been stronger.” #MyBestFriend (I want those wine glasses)

(43) Cy to David: “Boy ain’t nobody ’bout to fire you but I am about to blackmail the sh*t outta you” cause I know “you still carry a sad little torch for her redness.” #PressurePoints


(44) Papa Pope and Cyrus are literally the same evil sides of the same evil coin #EvilTwins

(45) Awww now Cyrus got the shaky hand. You got the ALS Cy?? The real one or the fake one? #TalkToLuciousLyonAboutIt

(46) David threatened Jake’s momma and then threatened Liv with Jake, Huck and Quinn #PressurePoints #Signed

(47) Commercial Break:  I’m kinda still NOT checking for Tom Cruise but damn if that latest Mission Impossible does not look AMAZING! Officially had me with the Lauryn Hill joint! #ReadyOrNot

(48) Abby why would you even go to Cy for “answers”?? It wasn’t for help right? You were just checking to see if he’s had Liv killed? #FairEnough #NancyDrew

(49) “I can’t have a soul, if I had one I would never accomplish a thing” #Wow


(50) And OF COURSE Papa Killer Pope calls her like “Hey girl, watchu doing this Sunday? Should we start meeting for dinner again? But seriously thx for your help dismantling my covert empire now I’m just gonna chill ‘preciate ya!” #GoodGameMa

(51) Re this montage of e’rybody getting murked, where is Russell? #???

(52) Mama Pope to Cyrus: “GIVE US FREE AND A PEN BABY!” #Lol!

(53) “Rowan is dead but Eli Pope lives” #DodderingPaleontologist

(54) WTF is Elizabeth doing? I KNEW SHE WAS UP TO NO GOOD TOO!! Everyone is the worst on this show. Everyone is shady as F*CK! “Lemme spill all the tea ’bout this donor guy” #SHADY!

(55) I should have seen that coming when she told Mellie I gotta know everything and her stupid evil smile. ANY time ANY one says that shit you can’t do it. You can NOT do it!

(56) Oh yeah #TheMoney #TwoBillion

(57) Wait, are my eyes deceiving me??? “Elijah” Pope in handcuffs? Wooooow #ByeEli

(58) “Rowan” did those things, “Command” had that power but “Eli Pope” well that dude is an embezzler. Isn’t that how they got Capone? No wait, that was tax evasion right?? #SameDifference


(59) AND one more twist before I can start breathing again. Huck killed all those people. Quinn talkin’ about I know your “work” #AssassinClub

(60) But Quinn HAS to know Command threatened his family!

(61) DAYUM Quinn went IN! “You can’t be with Kim and Javi! Who you are? What you’ve become? You can’t be with them! You don’t deserve them!” Well that IS basically what I said when he kept yammering on about being with them again. #NahB


(62) But seriously this Huck/Quinn scene is cray. I’ll admit I did not see this scenario coming.

(63) Mellie and Cyrus “kee-kee-ing” it up. Mels for President. Exploratory committees. Introduce some bills. Fact-finding missions. Pics in combat zones. #AlwaysAPlaceForYouCy

(64) Hold up. What did Fitz say? “You think I’d LET you be President after what you did?” Excuse me lying murderer guy??

(65) Fitz does NOT get to take a moral high ground. Not EVER! I ain’t forgot you killed a Supreme Court justice playa AND you sent troops to battle to get killed trying to save your LOVER!! #LikeItWasYesterday

(66) “Get out”? Did he just tell Mellie to “Get out”???? Has he lost his entire mind??? Get out of “his” house?? Before he THROWS her out?? So she has to go but Cy stays?? #WTF

(67) Ooooohhh nah, he’s out on his a*s too. Fitz: “I know everything” #AndYouAreFired

(68) Liv talking about that fictional wine while Jake just stands in the doorway looking at her. #EndOfTheRoad

(69) Jake – I’m out. Deuces. #MyMissionIsComplete

(70) “I’m in love with you but you are in love with him.” My advice to you? #GetYoMan

(71) Elizabeth got Cy’s ass didn’t she! DAMN!!! Walked into his office with her box of office knick knacks while his seat was still warm #Ruthless

(72) But Fitz can’t REALLY think he can trust HER? Next season is already shaping up for mo’ shady shenanigans.

(73) So wait, season 5 is Liv and Fitz FINALLY together for reals??? They just kissing on the balcony like Halle Berry with one of her baes in Europe or something 😉


(74) Nina Simone is ALWAYS  a soundtrack win! “Here Comes The Sun

Here comes the sun little darlin’
Here comes the sun
I say, “It’s all right, it’s all right”

Little darlin’ its been
A long cold and lonely winter
Little darlin’ it feels like
Years since you’ve been here

Here comes the sun little darlin’
Here comes the sun
I say, “It’s all right, it’s all right”



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'“You Can’t Take Command” #Scandal (S4:E22)' have 6 comments

  1. September 13, 2015 @ 4:21 pm S.

    I haven’t watched Scandal since season 2 but I’m glad that Jake is alive, lol. Ew @ Fitz/Olivia being together for real. I used to skip their scenes because they were just so uncomfortable. The upside was that I got through the episodes twice as fast 😛

    LOL @ –(45) Awww now Cyrus got the shaky hand. You got the ALS Cy?? The real one or the fake one? #TalkToLuciousLyonAboutIt– that Empire storyline was another mess. *shakes head*


    • September 13, 2015 @ 4:57 pm CM

      I L-O-V-E Scandal!!! Come back!! They finally got a replacement for Harrison. I was going back n forth b/t Team Jake and Team Fitz but I can’t front, as ridiculous as it is, I am Team Fitz. I’m a sucker for ridiculous love stories. Shonda knows this. Smh.

      Also, Jeff Perry a.k.a. Cyrus is one of THE BEST actors on network TV. He is a BEAST! And I’m not just saying that b/c he retweets me (but yeah I might be a little biased). But real talk the character of Cyrus is outstanding and Perry destroys it. Okay, I’m done. I understand why people tap out on Scandal and I can respect it (but maybe just try out a few eps this season??) 🙂


      • September 13, 2015 @ 5:29 pm S.

        I’ve always had low tolerance for Shonda’s shows, lol! Though I did enjoy the first season of Scandal. The 22 episode format is what made it easy for me to stop. Waaaay too much of the same thing was happening (i.e. random makeout sessions, lol!).

        Jeff Perry is a very good actor, agreed! I will try and catch a few episodes, but if not, I will watch vicariously through your recaps ;P


        • September 13, 2015 @ 5:50 pm CM

          Yeeaaaaah now that other great shows have much shorter seasons this 21/22/23 episode thing is becoming a bit daunting AND yep re repetitive situations. And yet I can’t turn away!! 😉


          • September 13, 2015 @ 5:57 pm S.

            That’s network televison for ya! It’s all about those advertising coins. Saying that…some shows with shorter seasons don’t utilise their time well either. If I had my way, all shows would have six season episodes. Thirteen, if I felt that they could pull it off but that would be the maximum, lol.

          • September 13, 2015 @ 6:01 pm CM

            I like how you think!

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