“A Few Good Women” #Scandal (S4:E21)

“Torture Anyone?” or “Papa Pope Was A Rolling Stone” or “B613 Agents Are Literally Everywhere!” #NoOneIsSafe!

(1) Awww hell, we got the “Due To Adult Content, Viewer Discretion Is Advised” warning #BoutToBeON!

(2) Why did Liv say she was going to work like it was just some regular white collar gig with a boss named Michael who respects her but still gets on her nerves #YouAintRegularLiv!

Liv on her way to work

(3) Pretty sure that’s still not enough locks, I counted 4 #YouNeedASteelDoor #IJS

(4) Still using Lois’ apartment for misdeeds I see #TskTsk

(5) Quinn talking about Russell’s physique #Comedy – “You have an incredible core” #TrueStory

(6) Pretty sure I’m not ready for this torture business… #WorstManicureEVER

(7) LOVE those heels Liv is rocking AND the bag ALWAYS! Yes I am paying attention to FASHION in the middle of a torture scene #Priorities

(8) VP Ross has a sharp eye: “I had a roommate” #Bruising

(9) OMG! VP Ross STOLE Ensign Martin! She straight up stole a “United States Servicewoman”! Susan is woman of ACTION! #LoveLoveLoveHer!!!


(10) VP Ross (matter of factly): “I removed Ensign Martin from an unsafe situation.” / Cy: “On whose authority? The Captin of CrazyTown’s? #LMAO!

(11) “1 in 3 women in the military have been subjected to sexual assault” #OneInThree #StatsYo

(12) VP Ross was like ‘just because she hasn’t said outloud that she’s been raped is a minor detail, stay focused on my words – she was raped’ #HA!

(13) Cy called VP Ross a “sexual assault bloodhound” Umm do those exist? Can they exist? #WouldBeHelpful

(14) Cy: “You stole her, Susan, and you need to put her back.” #PutHerBackSusan

(15) No David, you do NOT want to know what it will take to get Russell to talk #ScaredManWithGlasses

torturing russell

(16) Liv is like ‘Umm I gotta go, my Father is here. Oh wait it’s not him. (Thank GOD!) It’s the VP?’ “Hey Susan” #WhatsUp??

(17) D*mn Quinn, not the KNEECAP! Geezus!! Russell is getting HANDLED!! Ugh, I am soooo NOT here for the torture game. I would NOT make it in B613 and I’m totally fine with that. #SeriouslyImGood

(18) Maaaaaaaan if y’all don’t stop thinking Papa Pope is going to make this easy. He. Ain’t. No. Dummy! #TwelveSecondsMyAss!

(19) Mellie to Liz: “F*ck you and f*ck Springfield” / Liz: “Right, so umm imma still need you to do this speech tho” #GotHurdlesToJump!


(20) Liv to Ensign Martin: “All I need to know is where, when and who” #ItWillGetHandled

(21) The old f*cker did it?? Well this just gets worse and worse doesn’t it? Elders are supposed to know and behave better. D*mn shame #JohnHawleyIsARapist

(22) Imma need Abby to NOT be asking about Liv’s dating life right now. She has a few more pressing matters boo. Russell is a no go. Jake is broken. Fitz is stuck (always) #Next!

(23) If I were Olivia, I would LIVE to ruin the White House’s Day #JustOnGP!


(24) Cy: “Can I murder the VP?” Umm of ALL the players in the game it would be YOU who would get ‘er done #TrueStory

(25) Mellie looking SHARP in that purple blazer! Work it girl!! #CandidateMellie!

(26) Oooooh is this going to be when Mellie tells the world what happened to her? Raped by her disgusting sh*tty Father-in-law?? Wait did that happen already? #NeedAQuickPrimer

(27) Did they tell Liv that Papa Pope is on to them? That’s like super important intel yo!

(28) Well gee Russell that was like SUPER obvious that you were trying to kill yourself #Duh

(29) So umm did Jake EVER make it to a hospital? So he’s just like “better” now? #ItsAMiracle


(30) So wait like Liv’s last 3 boyfriends were ALL B613? All of ’em except for that SUPER corny Senator dude and he didn’t last long either but for different reasons #Corny

(31) Glad Jake broke that ish down to Liv! Random casual encounter in a bar my a*s! Twice girl?? Come on now! He’s “Nice but with an arrogant edge” / “Persistent but aloof” – DAMN! Liv and I like the same guy! No wonder my dating life is… 😉

(32) Jake’s speech HAD to be hard for Liv to hear but that was the TRUTH girl! Your father is a MONSTER! #HandPicked #Groomed #Trained #InAllThingsOliviaPope #PhDInOP!

(33) Jake re Papa Pope: “He made Russell and he made me, the only difference is I’m in love with you.” Awww Jake’s love for Liv is a defect! Only on Scandal is such a statement considered romantic #TeamJake!


(34) Who is this boy playing lawyer? Virgil?? Surely OPA did their intel on this kid attorney right?? He’s got a band-aid on his forehead for crying out loud!!

(35) Hawley over there sounding like Jack Nicholson #YouCantHandleTheTruth!

(36) Why is Ensign Martin still in service?? She thinks she can just continue on like it’s business as usual?? Oh. Damn. PREGNANT??! So yeah worse AND worse! Does she need VP Ross to come steal her again? #TakeChargeSusan!

(37) This handing off of a tortured Russell from one person to the next is crazy. Also, nothing like pointing a gun at a man’s genitals to send a message #Behave

(38) Yeah Jake – why ARE you there?? Bonding?? #GoodCopBadCop


(39) So Papa Pope is e’rybody Daddy?? “Rowan’s others”?? #SooooTWISTED!

(40) Papa Pope: “When will you raise your ambitions to meet my standards.” / “If I tell you to do something and it hasn’t been done correctly do u think it wise to return to my presence” #Quotes

(41) Wow! Jake is breaking Papa Pope all the way down re how he “exerts his control” over Liv. “Where’s the power in it for him if she never knows you belong to him? He needs her to know that she is never safe from him, never out of his grasp” #Diabolical!


(42) Oh so NOW you care about Liv, Russell?? Talking to Jake about “You’ll look out for her? Keep her safe?” To quote you Russell #BitchPlease #HMPF!!!

(43) “Conduct unbecoming” is Navy-speak for we are making up ish to f*ck you over #DealWithIt

(44) Liz told Mellie to “Lean In” re Jerry’s death #Woooooow On another note it almost seems odd to see Mellie and Fitz hug. I’m like oh yeah they are technically “together”.

(45) Liv is ALWAYS bringing clients to her home. Sigh. Also, I guess “renovations” is one way to describe it #ButReallyItsTorture


(46) “If you’re a member of the Military, you can’t sue the US government if you’re raped, it’s considered an injury on the “battlefield” – it’s called an “occupational hazard” #FeresDoctrine Also it’s #BULLSHIT

(47) Wait so she’s going through with the abortion? Right now?? They can still get the DNA though right?? #Tissue? #Cells??

(48) Advice for Mellie: “Throw your husband under the bus” #WhatLivWouldSay

(49) Well that moved quickly. Got records, confronted the rapist and his accomplice, made threats re unseen surveillance tapes, apparently got those tapes #Confession

(50) Liz during Mellie’s speech – “Wait, what are you doing?? That was NOT the plan! Oh, I see. Okay it’s working” #CarryOn

(51) Mellie is about to be Senator y’all! #ThatSpeechTho!


(52) Awww damn! This Virgil loser was a fraud. WHEN WILL THEY LEARN???!!?? #CantTrustNobody!! Seriously B613 cats are THE BEST undercover mofos EVER! Do secret agents get emmys?? #JustCurious

(53) Come on Huck don’t be fall for that “Mayberry” routine. Too late. Ever since Lois got pulled into Liv’s insane life her apartment has been used for terribleness #NewRenter??

(54) Awwww hell! Foxtail is Mellie! Wait one damn minute, Mellie has NEVER met Rowan/Eli/Papa Pope? Not NEVAH EVAH??? #Word?

Coming Up: A small, secretive looking courtroom, a bunch of worried faces, an ambulance, Jake’s serious face, Quinn sheds one tear, MAMA POPE and LIV BEHIND BARS???? #SeasonFinale


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