‘Scandal’ Recap – “Buckle Up” (S5:E19)

(1) Former VP Sally opens up with a rhyme. Liv & Abby are talking real strong in the press about their respective candidates. Trump Doyle is in third place. Wish that were true in real life. Everyone is heading to Florida. Liv & Abby are on an elevator together not speaking. I love both of their suits (Liv’s red handbag – YAAAAASSS!) Hate that they are enemies now. This episode is gonna bum me out. ūüôĀ


NoteWorthy: Shout out to Tiffany Phillips for asking Liv those tough questions!!!

(2) OMG!! IT’S ELLA!! Confession, I initially called her Zola. That’s right I confused Cyrus’ black daughter with Meredith’s black daughter (Grey’s Anatomy). My bad. ANYway, I cannot express how GIDDY I am to see this child. Alive. Smiling. Dare I say she looks happy?? Heeeeeey lil lady!! You’ve been missed princess!! She’s adorable!!

Sorry I digressed. Cyrus and Michael have a married folks exchange about Cyrus’ schedule and some chicken in the fridge. Alex Vargas¬†keeps calling Michael about Cy’s cheating and trying to get more info about the shooting that put his brother on the national stage. Michael don’t want no parts of nothing Alex is talking about. #StopCallingMe!

(3) We are officially on the campaign trail which means hotel life. Susan is in this California king all by herself while David sleeps on the floor beside her bed. He literally has a pallet on the floor like they are having a chaste sleepover. Comedy! Why can’t he sleep on the sofa? It’s a suite. Wth??

Gonna pause for a moment and acknowledge the three beautiful bags I just saw. The black one in Susan’s bedroom with the beige trimming and the two in the living room area. Liz’s white handbag and I assume Susan’s gray briefcase. I COVET!! Fly a*s bag count is now at 4 for this episode.


Ohhhh, David is sleeping on the floor because of “appearances” AND because “dogs aren’t allowed on the furniture.” #Whelp

(4) (a) Mellie’s suite is amaaaaaaazing (b) Florida is do or die (c) In order to get Florida you have to get the Governor’s endorsement. Guess who is coming to dinner? Everyone. The Gov is¬†gonna make ’em dance and then make her choice. Gov Baker likes to drink and she’s serious about punctuality.¬†I think we can hang #CallMeGov!!

(5) Liv is running down’ Mellie’s itinerary to Quinn (lots to do so no room for error!) when the two of them run into Abby at the elevator (again). Why are they even all on the same floor? Never mind. VIP floor. Quinn doesn’t know what to do, where to look, how to be. She wants to speak to Abby but she knows she can’t – the look on her face is COMEDY! Liv is full Petty Pope today and uses her luggage to block Abby from getting on the elevator, says she can take the stairs. Abby is already skinny Liv she really doesn’t need the cardio. Quinn mouths the words “sorry” and almost got backhanded by Liv. Damn ish is ROUGH! Also, to be clear, I hate this.


I really laughed waaaay too hard at this. Quinn’s face!!

(6) Oh Gawd. Abby gets the bright idea to hold up Fitz’s plane which means no one else can take off until he does which means Mellie’s plane is grounded. Susan already left so Abby ain’t got ish to lose and everything to gain, i.e., tanking Mellie’s endorsement #Ruthless. See what being Petty gets you Liv? SEE?? But real talk¬†Abby is for real on one. Can’t say I blame her but dayum girl whew! She is FEELING herself. Her phone convo with Liv… Smdh. This is a mess!!

(7) Back at Governor Frankie’s headquarters, he and Edison are neck in neck. Apparently the only significant difference between them is one is Black and the other is Latino. It’s a new era y’all! There’s another difference, Gov Frankie has a 5-yr-old daughter with cancer and Edison does not. Alex wants to use this intel. Cyrus says bad idea. Frankie tells Alex to figure out something else. Alex is NOT happy.

(8) Quinn is searching other flights for Mellie. Ain’t nuthin’ working – been there. Ugh. Mellie starts to lose it and Marcus is now the Mellie Whisperer and shuts her ish down with a quick “Mellie.” Quinn is like “wtf?? How??”


Home boy got a new title!

Marcus ignores Quinn and wants to know the game plan. Says they can’t shove Fitz’s plane off the runway which gives Liv the bright idea to instead “shame” Air Force One off the runway. Cue new news story: “Air Hoax One” becomes breaking news. Fitz didn’t know nuthin bout Abby’s scheming. He actually thought they had mechanical issues. Naaaah boo, Abby’s shenanigans got you grounded and nothing else.

(9) Fitz is mad. Abby long hair don’t care. Tells him he’s right, it IS unethical, adding that it is also criminal and ends with oh well we are in it now so pipe down – sir. And again Liv and Abby are talking extra strong in the press. Liv is reading off the names of people¬†who are missing important sh*t because these two decided to up each other’s petty game #Ridiculous.

(10) Well I’ll be a designing woman!! Governor Baker is Annie Potts!!! Looking smashing in that green ensemble! I love her!!! Ahhhh shit! She ain’t playing. She came to make a deal with David. She thinks Susan is smart and a nice lady (kiss of death) but not Presidential material. Mellie on the other hand, Mellie she likes. BUT IF David is down to make this “Tamarac Sugar” investigation disappear then she’ll like Susan a lot more. Oh good grief. CLEARLY SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE’S ASKING YOU DAVID!! He kills me when he¬†decides to remember he has a moral compass. “Boy, bye!!”

(11) Un oh. Quinn thinks now is a good time to question Liv. It is NOT a good time Quinn. I’m nervous. Huck tries to stop her. Oh sh*t. Quinn: “Why are you fighting with Abby? Why are we here if all you’re gonna do is sabotage all of our work?”¬†THEN Huck gon’ pipe up again to clarify Quinn’s question: “Why come you here and not out saving Jake?” Dear Goddess WHY did he say that?? ARGH!!! Liv and I made the exact same face. Deeply wounded and incredulous. Yep that’s it.


Well that got her out of her seat. I’m more nervous now. Good thing those airplane chairs don’t move easily. Too soon? Liv reads Huck & Quinn the riot act. Uses the word “Gladiators” which I’m kinda like you think so? Still? Really?? Mentions loyalty and not needing to explain herself. Nor does she appreciate them begging her to explain their jobs to them. GOLLY!

Huck to Quinn “I told you so.” Quinn don’t care. She’s like I don’t know who the fck that was but it wasn’t Liv. Right there with you Quinn.

(12) Mellie and Marcus have a pow wow. Mellie and I agree this plane business is a ridiculous mess, point blank a bad look. Marcus tells her to end it. Who really controls Air Force One? Holla at yo ex Mels. Sidebar: Marcus got uncomfortably close to Mellie while they were chatting. Now I don’ already tole you Shonda I don’t need them sleeping together. Too much!

(13) Mellie goes outside. Abby tries to stop Fitz from going out to meet her. “Do you want the nation to see you get reprimanded?” Fitz “so leaving her out there will look better?” Right.

(14) Marcus stands up to Liv and he lived! She gave him an order and he said “no” twice. Ookaaay Marcus I see you playa!

(15) WHEW! Why was I super relieved¬†when Fitz came outside?! This d*mn show stay making me care about stuff I didn’t know I cared about! How cute is he in his Air Force One “I’m the President” jacket? With his “I’m the President walk” – he’s adorable!


(16) David told Liz and Susan about Gov Baker’s deal. Says he can’t do it. Liv is like come on dude for reals, called him a “special snowflake.” Of course Susan supports him. In her very polite way she said fck Governor Baker.

(17) Fitz & Mellie still chatting. Fitz acknowledges that she’s doing well in the polls. She’s like “I know right??! Not sure why I even asked for your endorsement in the first place.” Mellie starts talking about their shared problem – their two petty a*s chiefs of staff. She makes a joke likening one of them to Tonya Harding, and someone ending up in a blubbering mess on the floor, i.e., Liv will kill Abby. Mellie don’t even know. Fitz is like whoooooa, slow down girl, not cool to talk about that situation in front of all this press. Mellie legit has no idea what he is yammering on¬†about.

Oh wow – his reveal to Mellie is taking my breath away. Both of their faces – masterful work. Mellie is struggling. She is still in disbelief (like 80% of us still are re Prince) says she thought it was Liz North (I laughed), then she says “you mean she sent one of her people right?” Fitz is like nah b, that was all her.

Once it actually hits her, she’s bothered Fitz didn’t tell her, then she says “Props to Liv.” Mellie would say that. Love her. She now knows why she and Abby are in a death match. Fitz is like wait YOU’RE worried about Liv??? Then these two start talking about Liv like she’s their daughter!! THIS IS CRAZY!!!

M: “She’s missing now. There but not there, you know?”
F: “Is she sleeping?”
M: “Doesn’t look like it.”
F: “Is she getting any exercise? She used to run when she needed to decompress.”
M: “She gave up running. I was trying to get her to swim again, but she won’t. I make her take walks with me, though. That’s something. And I make her eat. She forgets to eat, especially when she’s working, which is all the time.”
F: “Well… Make sure she runs… and sleeps… and eats.”

This show is soooooo out of control!! AND I LOVE IT!!!

(18) Fitz FINALLY checks Abby about this plane business. “This is not a request, it is an order heffa” while Mellie explains herself to Liv. Seriously “Who’s The Boss?” Mellie asks Liv if she’s going to keep yelling at her or does she have an idea for how to handle this late dinner arrival? Liv makes a phone call. #TurnYourPlaneAround

(19) Dinner has indeed started. Two empty chairs for Mellie and Liv. Tsk tsk. Gov Baker is jawing with Trump Hollis about gov’t regulations and sugar farmers and Trump¬†Hollis is eagerly adding to the crazy talk. Liz called it a “hillbilly hoedown” LMAO!

Gov Baker’s aide whispers that Mellie is on her way. Baker eschews whispering and is like “IDGAF. She late. Oh well.” Her aide “well see what had happened was…” Baker “what is wrong with you? It IS that simple, just tell her…” In walks Fitz and Co. He apologizes for Mellie’s tardiness, takes full blame – as he (well Abby) should. NOW Mellie is more than welcome and is given a seat right next to the governor while the aide is quickly instructed to get some more chairs.

Mellie is trying to catch up to the convo. Susan decides to speak up now. Tells Baker about herself, again in her very polite way, she tells the Gov she ain’t sh*t #BlindSpot

Why are Abby and Liv sitting next to each other WHY??? These two… LOL! That wine grab – comedy! Abby downed her glass and went to grab the bottle for a refill when quick hands Liv snatches and empties the entire bottle in her own glass. Seriously I DIED!!!


(20) Soundtrack Win! Nina Simone’s “Take Me To The Water” starts playing while David tells Susan he’s proud of her for being “forthright, honest” you know a legit grown up human being.¬†Susan forgives him. Says she forgot the kind of man he really is. Did she listen to Lemonade??? Also is he gon’ come clean about the other woman being Liz?? Prolly not…

Michael and Cyrus fight. Michael needs to tell him Alex is harassing him. Michael seems to think he has a real marriage. I’m not sure why he thinks that. Hmmmm. Yes I remember that awesome speech Cyrus gave him at the wedding. And? This is Cyrus we are talking about AND we’re talking about a marriage that he was literally forced into. Michael to Cyrus: “Are you cheating on me? Cyrus: “Yes.” Okay okay I KNOW I shouldn’t have laughed at that but Cy’s gangsta keeps me in tears. Wait, did Michael just say couseling? WHAT?? He really don’t know. Cyrus: “Counseling?” I know right Cy?? And sure enough, Cy went IN:

Cy: “I am making the next president of the United States! The only help I need right now is from someone who knows and accepts his role around here.”
M: “Role? Cyrus, I…”
C: “Someone who doesn’t feel the need to talk all the time, who isn’t so pathetically needy all the time, someone who puts a little effort into getting me off so I’m able to do my job and actually focus on what’s important…”

DAYUM! Michael tried to push back. Poor thing. Michael: “I mean, the sheer amount of energy it takes to watch our daughter… To raise our daughter.” Cy cuts him off, “Not YOUR daughter, James’ daughter!” JUGULAR!¬†Michael ain’t done. Fool. He says Tom’s name. Uh oh…. Cy goes quiet then says: “Who have you been talking to?” Come on Michael have you forgotten how dangerous he is?? Cy called him a “washed-up rent boy” (OUCH!) and warned him to be very very careful or he’s gonna¬†Oran “Juice” Jones his a*s. #DontMessThisUp!



(21) And in the very next scene, Michael hands Alex a file – all of Cy’s communication the week of the shooting. Michael gon’ die y’all.

(22) Well how about that? Gov Baker gave Susan her endorsement. I mean I get that’s how that likely had to go but still… now what happens to Mellie? Liv ain’t bout to give up that easy. Speaking of… Liv IS about to for real lose her shit tho. She threw a mug across the room – well that’s better than murder. Still, e’rybody is neeeervouuusss – including me.

(23) Breaking News – photos of Frankie’s cancer daughter surfaced. Cy calls to get the source. Alex. He tried to upload Micheal’s flash drive, got an error msg, cut to a reporter at BNC getting an email from Alex with the pics. Hmmmmm. Alex to his brother: “It wasn’t me.” Frankie ain’t trying to hear shit he got to say and kicks him out. Now he ain’t gon’ have nuthin but time on his hands to figure out how to take down Cyrus. DRAMA!!!!

(24) Ohhhhhhh Michael HELPED Cyrus!!  #TWIST!!!

(25) This scene almost took me under ’cause Huck is my heart. He tries to provide the therapy Liv’s¬†unhinged a*s needs right now. Tells her she should be at home. She should grieve, figure out how to forgive herself. Here’s the thing, she ain’t bout no grieving nor concerned with forgiving herself. Liv gives an alarming speech:

“I am satisfied. That night, after, I slept better than I have in a year. It felt good, crushing his face with that chair, feeling his blood on me, the surprised look on his smug face. I felt free. I feel whole. I don’t regret a thing. I’m glad he’s dead, and the only thing that makes it sweeter is knowing that I am the one who killed him. I feel good. I feel great.”

YIKES! Ummm is she planning to kill again? SOON????

(Sidebar: Yes, I peeped the gorgeous yellow hangbag!! YAASSSS)

Huck keeps staring at her. He’s waiting for the rest of it. Liv comes clean about Papa “King Petty” Pope’s threat to slit Jake’s throat. And then it happened. A hug from Huck. #Sob!


(26) Abby is in the Oval falling apart. Says to Fitz: “I run you, you run the county. You don’t question it” Seriously is she COMPLETELY insane¬†right now? Yes, yes she is. There she go talking monsters again. Chile… Says he wouldn’t treat Cyrus like this. You need to let that go girl. She can’t handle the Oval. Fitz can’t take it…


Ooooooohhhhh she believes she’s being blamed for Liv murking Andrew. ¬†Ahhhhhh. Oh hell now she’s crying. Did Cyrus cry when he had that job? STOP CRYING ABBY!!

Now Fitz is doing the therapy thing. Since nan’ one of them is gonna seek actual professional help, a friend’s armchair therapy is at least something. He’s like you gotta get a process in place for when someone you love murders someone (or if you do) #BecauseScandal.¬†Also it’s kinda interesting how Liv’s decision to 86 that ahole is drastically affecting everyone else #SheTheGlue

(27) Gee. Hollis won Florida. Ahhhh, now THAT makes sense cause obviously Mellie and Susan can’t be done yet. Is Scandal going to have a contested convention??? PLEASE!!! LOL @ “The Turbulence On The Tarmac” – it hurt of both ’em. Good job Abby #Sarcasm

Sidebar: Yellow bag is back!!! Thank you Shonda, it really needed another look see. Awesome bag count is at 5. I didn’t even include Liv’s luggage from earlier but I totally could have. GORG!!!

(28) Abby was waiting in Liv’s office. Wheeeeeeew-weeeeeee the look on Liv’s face… “B*tch I’m ret to fck you UP on sight! I know you saw what happened to Andrew!”


Abby wants to know why Liv was so mad at her – BEFORE the tarmac drama. I didn’t think Liv was “mad” before I just thought she was dismissive AF. Abby reminds her: “You’re not a monster little Abby, you can come and work for me, lil Abby” Yeaaah Liv that was ugly.

Liv’s response is real AF: “I’m happy for you BUT ‘I’ taught you, ‘I’ raised you (she sounding like her daddy y’all!) I made that Oval. I built that President. I had to walk away because of him. I want it back.” And the¬†truth comes out – Liv wants her power back. She continues: “I’m rooting for you BUT not if it means I lose. I’m done losing.” Liv ain’t need to listen to Lemonade she been on her own ish for a minute now. Maybe she should listen to second half of it tho. Then again, maybe not, she doesn’t really sound seem receptive to “forgiveness” and “healing” right now. Not even close.

(29) Well check David out. He made a deal with Baker after all. Moral compass my a*s. And more secrets from Susan. Fool.

(30) W.T.F??!!?? MICHEAL TOOK ELLA??? Dear Black Jesus who watches over adopted black children on network TV you ‘bet not let NUTHIN’ bad happen to that child!! I do not believe this BS. Ella is gone AGAIN!! Back to my earlier statement, Michael gon’ die – soon. ELLA!!!!!

(31) So Liv & Abby decide to put aside their hate and work together to take down Hollis. ‘Bout damn time, too late for the real GOP tho #Trump #ReapSow

Coming Up: Get Hollis. Or not. Guess we’ll see…

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