“Roots” – Yes, it is worth your time

“Your name is your spirit. Your name is your shield”

Confession: I never watched the first ‪#‎Roots‬ and I was very reluctant to watch the remake because (a) I read the book (while I was en route to South Africa btw) and (b) I didn’t want to feel the way I’m feeling right now – Anger, Hurt, Pain, Frustration. However, I am also feeling Pride and I am humbled. I feel empowered and have a renewed sense of purpose. Our ancestors endured unimaginable horrors for centuries. They survived not knowing what the future would bring. With only a hope for a better life for their children they pressed on. I am that child. I am a full citizen of this nation because of their strength. My ancestors literally slaved over this land and on their backs it became an economic global powerhouse so I’ll be d*mned if I just sit idly by and do nothing while a Reality TV Guy yells BS about taking “his” country back.

We’ve come a long way since 1619 and I dishonor my ancestors by checking out of the process. I will be voting blue in November and I hope you join me.



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