RHOA: “Twirling With The Enemy” #ShortFormRecap

(1) I’m distracted by but kinda like Nene’s Peacock House Dress #BigMommaMoneyCirca2014

(2) “Peter was giving me b*tch-assedness” I wonder if Puffy is like b*tch pay me

(3) “Nene I don’t have no problem wit you” #Flasback

(4) WTF is Marlo wearing? This Purple Cowgirl/Disney Princess Jasmine motif is unsettling to the eyes

(5) Fyi Kenya u just might want to slow down w/ commentary that can be directed your way boo #Zoolander #AnimalInAZoo #EasyThereMa

(6) Normally I LOVE Cynthia’s entire ensemble but THAT dress and THAT hair – ummm

(7) Cynthia old ppl get tired and u know he old because u clowned his a*s last episode

(8) Q. How do u not know what the band looked like? So wait u hired a band w/o hearing them first?? #WHODoesThat? #Cynthia

(9) STOP! JUST STOP!! I am officially pulling the plug on the wardrobe choices for this episode. From Cynthia’s Flower Power Pink Pucci Pass to Kenya’s Solid Gold Distracting Debacle (Donna Summer is turning over in her grave as I type) to Marlo’s now 2nd bad fashion choice – I’m done. Re Marlo (a) Q. How OLD is she? And (b) Where did she think she was going? Freaknik?

(10) To be fair I thought Porsha looked nice and Kandi’s hair wasn’t mad distracting (per usual) so good job.

(11) Back to Marlo’s age, is Nene really that much older than her? All these age references seem a bit forced #HeyBigSis!

(12) Kenya. Is. So. Full. Of. Shit. (Btw, Nene and I said that at the same time)

(13) Okay, Marlo is a mess. #OfficialStatement

(14) (Damn now I REALLY want some rum punch)

(15) Y’all remember when #FunkyDineva clowned Kenya’s rented home and not having any kitchen supplies? #SoTrue

(16) These BS travel excursions are getting old #MexicoReally?

(17) Really Kenya? Organizing a couples ball and taking Lawrence? I can’t w/ this whole situation. Everyone, including the producers, NEEDS TO STOP PLAYING.

(18) I appreciated the adorable Ayden saying grace moment #ThankYouBravo

(19) FUNKY DINEVA!!!!! #LookWhoMadeItOnAnEpisode!

(20) Team Naked?? #Huh?

(21) I want Phaedra to loose that weight or STOP wearing certain outfits. You gotta make a choice lady.

(22) The Bailey Bowl #FullOnShenanigans

(23) You’re late and u show up like Cirque Du Soleil? #PureKandi

(24) Okay so what happens next was alternatingly weird, stupid and exasperating: (a) Marlo whining, (b) Kenya running up on Nene, and (c) Marlo going 100% ratchet

(25) Wait, did Marlo just say “Bitches get they styles from me”???? #Delusional

(26) So Marlo is for real hood/ratchet/ghetto/crazy huh? #DulyNoted

(27) Lexis: “Marlo don’t give them this! Marlo don’t give them this!” #PureRealityTVSoapOperaRealness

(28) Marlo’s Donald Trump hair remark tho… #BullsEye

(29) Marlo: “CAMERA TIME!”

(30) Can Marlo put someone on? On what? #GirlSitDown

(31) Marlo crying #WorstRealityTVActingEver

(32) Anything to keep those ratings up huh? #FightFightFight


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