RHOA: “Friend or Faux” a.k.a. “Foolery or Fakery” a.k.a. “Just Stop” #RecapList

(1) Zachary was correct, Kenya was looking flawless in her confessional. Hope the purple poof is gone FOR-EVAH! #PoofBeGone!

(2) Re Claudia setting up her new place – I HATE putting furniture together #NEVER #AGAIN! (Maaaaaybe bookshelves, maaaaaaybeeeee)

(3) Kenya if you don’t cop to having some EXTRA layers in that mane #GirlPlease…

(4) I DEFINITELY hear them on finding someone ELSE to handle that furniture situation. Who dropped it off? Worth it to kick in that extra $$ #BeenThere #Ugh!

(5) Why is Kandi ‘outchea’ acting like she can’t just put a check on the destruction her Momma’s man left behind and keep it moving? #Scripted #FauxFrustration

(6) Ahhhhh shit Cynthia’s Sis AND Moms are visiting #NeneBashing in 5, 4, 3, 2…

(7) Re this “Nene Beef” – Cynthia would do better to just say “I’m good” but that wouldn’t make for “engaging” reality tv. Sigh. Personally speaking publicly none of y’all would even know I had this much to say about it. Me: “we ain’t cool no mo’ – that’s it.”

(8) HOWEVER with Nene running her mouth all on the interviews, all on social media, then I get it. Get yo camera time Cynthia #IAintMad #PlayTheGame

(9) Phaedra looks good in her at home chill attire #ISeeYou

(10) Phaedra: “Jeeeeeesus fix it” #Giggles

(11) Phaedra re Kandi’s dinner plans: “Is this going to be another night at the circus with the monkeys” (a) #Yes and (b) #LMAO!!!

(12) Re Brent’s driving lesson: They know those d*mn cones were too close together for that d*mn truck #StopPlaying

(13) Also someone tell Nene to NEVAH wear those glasses again. Is that “fashion”? Reminded me of the specs Elliot Gould’s character wore in Ocean’s 11 (12, 13?) whateves – y’all know what I’m talking about (see image).

(14) Real talk, I could get down with a Kenya workout – ain’t never gonna front on her body #Whoa!

claudia jordan and kenya moore bond over booties and childhood issues

(15) Kandi’s aunts… #TheMiniMob

(16) So wait are Nene and Kim cool again??? I didn’t watch WWHL w/ Andy’s mess behind. Somebody fill me in please. 🙂

(17) Phaedra is hilarious! “You gotta cast that Jezebel spirit down.” #DEAD!

(18) Cynthia IS serving sexy AND flyness AND beauty AND EV’RYTHANG!

(19) What is Kenya wearing? #BajaBellyDancerAttire???

kenya moore believes she is owed an apology from phaedra parks

(20) Oh Porsha came?? I love how they didn’t even include her in the intro from the jump and then take her out later. They were like “whatever, she’s no longer a series regular so we ain’t even gonna bother.” #DamnShame

(21) So Nene AGAIN states that she’s not interested in any “negative environment” but she walked in the restaurant stank out the gate! (Sidebar: I need HER confessional look to go away, like right now) #RetireThat20sMarcelleLookPlease!

(22) Kandi is NOT this d*mn naive! #BravoSetUp #S-c-r-i-p-t-e-d #Sigh

(23) I’m sooooooo not paying close attention to this stupid dinner – especially the Kenya/Phaedra back n forth #Yaaawnn

(24) Kandi is killing me: “Nene have you spoken to Cynthia lately?” Now you know good d*mn well she had not! #STOP #PLAYING!

(25) Also, I am soooooo over rehasing all this stupid beef #NewStoryLinesPLEASE!

(26) So when Nene has an audience no one else gets to speak. She’s loud, she’s a bully and her perspective is the gospel truth no matter what. Miss me with that BS. She really has ZERO self awareness of how she comes across?? What the hell does SHE see when she watches the show?? You know what? Never mind… #JustRidiculous

(27) Next Ep – Oh. Soooo Cynthia and Nene make up??? Getting to “cordial” I could see but a real friendship again? #Sheeeeet

(28) One of my friends wanted me to mention two things: (a) What is up with Nene’s teeth? Ummm…. Yeah… Well…  AND (b) that train wreck of a show known as “Fashion Queens” but I can’t since I ABSOLUTELY refuse to watch it. Even the teaser/trailer makes me want to fight. But y’all should feel free to chime right on in!




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