Real Housewives Of Atlanta: “Bye Bye Apollo” #RecapList

(1) YAAAASSSSSSS re Nene’s blue Birkin bag #Swoon

(2) No re Nene’s marceled up hair. She looks like an extra in #Chicago #ConfessionalLook

(3) Nene in #Zumanity #TooEasy #MovingOn

(4) Nene re Zumanity: “It’s going to take a lot of acting, because I’m just not that girl.” Also #TooEasy

(5) Nene: “I’m just a little twisted” #LeavingThatRightThere

(6) Nene: “I’m a performer, I act, I sing, I dance, I run businesses, I’m a mogul” #AndImOut

(7) Kandi Burruss Tucker – she’s come a long way in the relationship game #GoodForHer

(8) The Ike jokes tho… #Ehhh

(9) Riley living fly as hell, kinda ain’t mad just hope she isn’t a brat #DontLetMeDownKandi

(10) Phaedra’s kids are just too damn cute #Squee!!

(11) Phaedra you talkin’ about people trying to snap pics of your kids – a statement you made while I’m watching your kids on a reality tv show… #Mmmkay

(12) Apollo’s in between beard looks GOD AWFUL #YUCK


(14) Are we just now meeting Apollo’s white brother? I kinda think Bravo would have been all over that for at least one episode. Granted I’ve missed a season or two sooo maybe y’all are already in the loop.

(15) Let’s pause for a minute to reflect on the fact that Apollo uttered the words “ploys” and “lies” #GoodByeBoy

(16) Apollo wouldn’t have wanted me to write a letter ’cause he may have gotten more time. #HeStupidJudgeRealDamnStupid

(17) “I don’t have the time to babysit a grown man” #PREACH! #AintThatTheWholeDamnTruth!!!!

(18) Did YOU stop to think that YOU might not come home if your dumb a*s got caught for committing A CRIME??!!??? #ICantWithHim

(19) Between Nene booking shows and Kenya just kicking it, that’s it, I’m headed to reality tv #___BeWinning

(20) Real solid talk Kenya – U BROUGHT THAT A*S WHOPPING ON YOURSELF!! Also AND rid thyself of that purple blossom perched on your shoulder STAT! Who ok’d that??

(21) Well. Dayum. Porsha. #AlrightyThen

(22) Kenya… Really…? Kenya REALLY??? #MissMeWithYourPoorMeBS

(23) Porsha’s mug shot – still one of the best ever #WERK!

(24) You are right Kenya NOBODY was running to help you out and so what does that tell you about your role in how people perceive and treat you??? #SelfReflectMuch? #OhWaitNah….

(25) Not gonna lie this Cynthia/Nene falling out makes me a little sad #:(

(26) Also all this talk about being so far up Nene’s a*s is making me a little queasy #Smh

(27) Cynthia: “I’m gonna take this sh*t to another level” – Yeeeaaah but that’s really not you now is it Ma? Sigh. Wth is about to go down this season??? #NoMoreMonaScottShenanigans

(28) Apollo’s 8 years – that ain’t nuthin’ #CouldHaveBeenWaaaaayWorse

(29) Ha RICKY SMILEY!! This integretation of media covering RHOA’s cast members is HI-DAMN-LARIOUS #RealMeetsReal

(30) Not even mad that she didn’t go with him. Negro I married you AFTER you got out of jail the first time and you are about to do ANOTHER bid??? #ByeApollo

(31) On another note, Phaedra looking like she been getting right w/ the workouts #PersonalTrainerLife

(32) Wait, are Apollo’s mom and brother actually white? Might they be Creole? #WhatSetTheyRep?

(33) Woooooooow this convo b/t Apollo and his family IS reality TV and no one has thrown a punch (yet) #Gripping!

(34) I am not here for Nene in Zumanity #ThatIsAll

(35) Nene talking about her “inner” drag queen?? #StillTooEasy

(36) Hmmm I thought with federal prison time you do the whole bid. You might be doing all 8 buddy #SeeYaIn2022

(37) Yes Kandi black men do tend to get uniformly and severely played by the justice system HOWEVER in THIS INSTANCE… #HeStupidYo

(38) Apollo re Kandi & Todd coming to visit him: “I’m putting y’all on the list” #Sigh

(39) Apollo to Phaedra: “Made me lose all respect” I straight up CANNOT with him!! #GOOD #BYE #NEGRO

(40) Apollo re his marriage: “MAYBE it’s ran it’s course????” #LeaveAlready

(41) I don’t care about his arranged/impromptu picnic, I don’t think I’m ever going to like Peter #SorryNotSorry

(42) So Peter still pushing that Bar 1 dream? #LetItGo!!

(43) Charlotte, NC Peter? Dude your track record is sooooo SUSPECT right now. DO NOT INVEST CYNTHIA!!! #GeezUs!

(44) Phaedra is not Hillary Clinton #Next

(45) I think I might like Phaedra more this season. Maaaaybeeee. This ish sucks no doubt but YOU did marry his a*s and he didn’t just turn stupid overnight #IMean…

(46) The baby: “Umm I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to show I’m still cool with you” #MommaIsRealMadYo

(47) The baby looking directly into the camera and checking out all the lights – COMEDY! He’s like “what IS alla this?” and “who you people? whatcha y’all doing?” #LoveBabies!

(48) Phaedra: “I’ve never needed your money” Left unsaid: “Just your sperm” #ThxNowBye

(49) WHOA Apollo keeping it ONE HUNNID! Rolling with the “real” in “reality tv” Talking about mortgage payments and whatnot, being flat broke when they got together (not a surprise but still), etc. Guess he ain’t got ish to lose at this point huh?

(49.1) But seriously this Phaedra/Apollo situation is REAL ISH! No lie, I was RIVETED!

(49.2) Also Apollo is full out FCKING DELUSIONAL! Did he just say “I haven’t brought no grief to her”?????????????? #_____





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