President Obama + Healthcare Reform = 6.6 Million Young Adults with Health Insurance

And Mitt Romney says one of his first acts as President will be to repeal healthcare reform – ergo, Mitt Romney wants to take away health insurance from 6.6 Million Young Adults.

Hey you 6.6 Million Young Adults you know who you need to vote for in November right? Good.

President Obama‘s healthcare law helped as many as 6.6 million young adults stay on or get on their parents’ health plans in the first year and a half after the law was signed, a new survey indicates.

That number, found in the survey by the nonprofit Commonwealth Fund, is far higher than earlier estimates. And at a time when public wariness about the Affordable Care Act remains high, it underscores the popularity of a provision that requires insurers to allow parents to enroll their children up to age 26 on their own plans.

Earlier surveys by the federal government found that the number of people ages 19 to 25 without insurance declined after the law was signed, reversing years of erosion in health coverage for young adults. (LAT)

Unfortunately a more pressing issue is what will the Supreme Court do when it renders its decision regarding the constitutionality of all or parts of the Affordable Care Act later this month. It is quite possible that if the Court rules the entire plan unconstitutional those 6.6 Million Young Adults will unceremoniously find themselves uninsured or will have to return to more expensive, less comprehensive plans again.

To be fair, a small number of states and plans are planning to keep certain “popular” provisions, like the provision that has allowed 6.6 Million Young Adults to have access to affordable comprehensive insurance through their parent’s plans. However, Huffpo has reported that keeping that particular provision will result in the parents’ taxes going up. Ouch.

Additional detrimental consequences that may result if the Affordable Care Act is overturned in whole or in part are:

Better Medicare prescription benefits, currently saving hundreds of dollars for older people with high drug costs, would be suspended. Ditto for preventive care with no co-payments, now available to retirees and working families alike.

Partially overturning the law could leave hospitals, insurers and other service providers on the hook for tax increases and spending cuts without the law’s promise of more paying customers to offset losses. (Huffpo)

Again, ouch. I honestly do not know where the Supreme Court will land on this issue. Personally I am hoping for the best. However, in the event that the Supreme Court does severely dismantle the Affordable Care Act then we DEFINITELY need to make sure we elect leaders who will continue to work toward making healthcare accessible to all Americans. And since the Republicans flat-out do not care if you can afford health insurance and thus have no alternative health care plan that means we need to take back control of Congress and keep our guy in the White House.  #Obama2012

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