On the Next Episode of The Madness Collective… #Podcast

We’ll be discussing the Trayvon Martin verdict with our recurring special guest and friend of the show, Nefetari Spencer and the featured artist will be Curtis Mayfied – because that’s what made sense to me.

In the meantime just in case you missed it:

(1) Martin Bashir compares Trayvon Martin’s reported teenage behavior to a very young and very stupid acting George W. Bush:

(2) Writer and Director Tanya Steele has a solution:

“Black Folks, It’s Time To Stop Taking Care Of White People” (Excerpt)

When are we going to have a ‘town hall on racism’ that addresses how a jury of women, predominantly white women (and mothers!), don’t identify with a black child? I need to know how that happened. I need to understand that. And I want white people to explain it to me. Before someone starts railing about the laws, understand that I read the law. I watched the trial EVERY DAY. EVERY DAY, beginning with jury selection, all of it. I decided I would bear witness for Trayvon no matter how I had to restructure my day. And I did it while reading the law.

Most of the time, I don’t take care of white people. I let them know, exactly, when they are being racist. Or, I walk away. It’s their problem. Let them figure out why I walked away. But, if I’m in the mood, I will give them insight into their particular brand of racism. I spent a good deal of my undergrad years “trying to bridge the racial divide”. It wore me out because racism comes out in the most insidious ways; in apathy, in deflection, in condescending tones, in ways you don’t expect. So, I keep it simple. Right now, white people need to listen and dig deep into how their silence and comfort with their privilege – allows zimmermans to roam the streets killing black children.

This is about a sickness in “white” minds who believe that a black male is a criminal. It is about a culture that reinforces the idea that black men have no value. We have to penetrate this mythology. Now. Not next year. Now. If white folks want to talk about ‘race’, let’s do it. But, they have to bring something insightful to the table that will shift this stronghold of racism in the culture. The stories of how we die, how we suffer, are known. We need to dismantle the idea that white life is valuable and black life isn’t. That can only happen when white people start sharing their honest thoughts – no matter how ugly and insulting.

We have to demand that white people speak up in discussions on racism, not race – racism. While we tell our thousandth story about being accosted, turn and ask a white person, “What are you learning from this? How will you change as a result of hearing this? How has the verdict impacted you and your life going forward? What will you do differently in your life, as a result of this verdict?” Something. The parade of black grief while white folks sit and stare has to cease. We did not create the conditions for our suffering.

We have to speak our truth, without fear, in order for change to happen in the culture. Witnessing the level of multi-cultural outrage at the verdict, I believe people are hungry for an earnest dialogue about racism. People are perplexed at how we got here and want answers. Those answers will not be pretty but we need to hear them. (Shadow and Act)


(3) There have been calls to Boycott Florida Tourism until ‘Stand Your Ground’ is Repealed. Stevie Wonder has said he will not perform in any state that has a ‘Stand Your Ground’ law and there is a proposed economic boycott scheduled for September 6-8:

(4) Watch Bill O’Reilly’s reaction to Tavis Smiley‘s suggestion that we arm every black person:

Hahahahahahahaha! Oh Bill, you slay me with your hypocrisy!!

(5) And in extremely good news, we have the story of the two teenagers who decided to get involved and come to the rescue of an abducted 5-year-old girl.

Minutes after Temar Boggs heard that 5-year-old Jocelyn Rojas had gone missing, he noticed a suspicious car careening in and out of the side streets of his neighborhood.

The 15-year-old was hanging out with his friends at an apartment in Lancaster, Penn. on Thursday afternoon when he heard the news. So he and another friend, Chris Garcia, took to their bikes to join the search for Rojas, according to Lancaster Online.

He told reporters that one car in particular caught his eye. It turned around at the top of a hill near Garcia’s apartment, where several police officers were gathered. It began turning in and out of side streets in the neighborhood, which is known for its cul-de-sacs and dead ends.

Boggs gave chase on his bicycle. He got close enough to the vehicle to see a little girl inside. He made eye contact with the driver, an older white male, who apparently got spooked enough to let Rojas get out of the car.

“She runs to my arms and said, ‘I need to see my mommy,'” Boggs said.

He escorted her to police, who reunited her with her relatives. The town is hailing him as a hero. (Huffpo)

This is what working together as a community looks like, THIS is the way forward.

Tune in Monday for the new episode!


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