On the next episode of “The Madness Collective”…. #TMC

We’ll be discussing:

1. Edward Snowden – does he REALLY think he’s going to get away?? #Delusional

2. The Supreme Court – Good job re DOMA and Proposition 8, and absolutely HORRIFIC call re The Voting Rights Act of 1965. Also, Clarence Thomas is a ____.

3. Texas State Senator Wendy Davis – she is a BEAST!!!

And Governor Rick Perry is a classless buffoon. I know I know, this is old news but his commentary re Wendy Davis was beyond the pale. #Deplorable

4. The Trayvon Martin Trial – I am so thoroughly disgusted by the online commentary re Rachel Jeantel that I can’t even think straight and Zimmerman is done no matter what happens in court.

5. We are definitely coming back to Paula Deen – this lady needs to STOP TALKING!

6. And the featured artist is Spanish Singer Concha Buika!

Chronicling Life’s Madness One Episode At A Time…

The Madness Collective

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