On the next episode of The Madness Collective… #Ep19

Tune in Monday to the latest Episode of The Madness Collective where we will be discussing:

1. The Supreme Court ruled that “natural” DNA cannot be patented. That sounds like a no-brainer right? Well….

2. The Supreme Court also ruled that your “silence” can be used against you in court IF you were previously running your mouth (freely answering questions) and then you fell silent when asked additional questions (like so you killed him right?) and you have not yet been read your Miranda rights. My bad if this sounds slightly confusing, I’ll do my best to clear it up on the air but in any event the only real take-away you need is this:


Shut your mouth Ronald!

3. We will discuss how “Poor People” get played left and right by “the system.” Specifically there are two stories we will be discussing:

(1) A McDonald’s in Pennsylvania has begun paying their minimum wage workers via a Chase Debit card that has a myriad of ridiculous fees attached to it. What’s the problem you say? Well aside from the fees (which are utterly insane) the debit card is the ONLY way they can get paid. They cannot receive an old school paper check NOR can they utilize direct deposit – that “benefit” is reserved for managers only. #CompleteBullshit

(2) A coalition of mayors in 18 major cities are pushing for a ban against paying for soda or other sugary drinks with food stamps. First, I admit to being more of a health nut than not HOWEVER (and this is my second point) this is the type of ish that might make me actually start listening to some of the rantings of the Tea Party (they still exist right?) or at least Rand Paul. More on this on the show… #TheMadnessCollective  😉

4. Now you KNOW we will be talking about The Racist Queen of Butter a.k.a. Ms. Paula Deen. For now all I’ll say is that I am glad that twitter exists #JokesJokes&MoreJokes

I would say "sorry" but you totally brought this on yourself

5. I believe the name of Kim and Kanye’s baby has finally been revealed. I am deliberately waiting to confirm what I think I saw posted because IF that is accurate… #Sigh

6. Our featured artist is “Slave” – if you don’t know then tune in and find out.

And saving the best for last…

7. Our special guest this week will be Ms. Angela Yarbrough, currently a Segment Producer/Writer on Deon Cole’s “Black Box” on TBS. You’ll definitely want to hear this conversation ’cause we’ve known Ms. Angela a looooooong time so we don’t really have to be nice to her… JUST KIDDING!!! (kinda)  🙂

8. Here is this week’s silly but kinda cute video. Yes, it involves a cat, stop hating. Look, I thought I was going to roll my eyes as well but instead I found this absolutely adorable and it made me smile so stop scowling, un-thaw your soul and click play. Sheesh.


P.s. I am heavily immersed in “Game of Thrones” and have gotten very little sleep this week. I need to power through and finish it up this weekend because it has taken over my life and “ain’t nobody got time for that.” #Addicted


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