Not Today…

Had to run downstairs at 5:30am this morning to pick up a pair of shoes I left in my Uncle’s car. I get the shoes and turn to go back into my bldg. Lo and behold my fob doesn’t work. I type in the last code I remember, nothing. I call the number to the security desk – two rings then voicemail. It’s 5:35am, I’m rocking a scarf, my glasses, a black hoodie, oversized sweatpants (i.e., not flattering) and sneakers. I look like I might have a home but I would understand if someone wasn’t automatically convinced. I realize I have to walk around to the other entrance where I know I will find a human being. I turn the corner and hear a white guy yell “build a wall!” – my automatic inner monologue: “Not today Satan. Not today.” There were two of them exiting a garage, they didn’t see me or they wisely chose to not engage. Not sure what prompted his statement, didn’t care, I just didn’t feel like cussing anyone out at 5:45am and thankfully I didn’t have to – this time….

Get to the security desk entrance and not so lightly bang on the door. Inner monologue: “WHAT THE FCK??” What I actually said: “What is going on?” Something about the power going out, they are fixing it now. Sigh. “Can I get back to my floor?” “You should be able to.” Wrong. I then spend the next 8 mins riding the elevator with a changing group of strangers and a really cute well behaved puppy. I did get one strange look from a woman. I’m not going to type my inner monologue to her but you might be able to imagine it.

Later I discover the building cut the power cause testing stuff something something whatever. FINALLY get to back to my floor only to realize I still have to call my mom to open one more keypad door. 😠  So yeah I’m just now waking up again. #Tuesday


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