MY favorite tweets from the first GOP Presidential Debate #2016Election

Additional Titles: a.k.a. “The 2016 Circus Tour” a.k.a. “A Primary Nightmare”

(NOTE: I know two of the guys in that photo so really POTUS and I are BFFs, Michelle too)

Substantive commentary will come later, when the 17 are whittled down to two. Seriously there are SEVENTEEN people vying to be the GOP presidential candidate. It’s like a high school homecoming court. Good Grief! ANYway, twitter was giving me LIFE last night, here are just a few of the ones I loved. (And yes, plus a few of my own) 😉

(1) That one that made the PERFECT reference to the Drake/Meek Mill sandbox spat:

(2) That one that was the PERFECT analogy to the Peanuts:

(3) That one when “The Daily Edge” zinged the fck outta Rand Paul:

(4) That one that finally made me set up a vine account:

(5) That one with Stewie reacting to Mike Huckabee’s special brand of crazy:

(6) That one that PERFECTLY used a Dave Chappelle gif:

(7) Barack & Hillary #InTears

The rest are mine 🙂 (8) Jeb Bush

(9) Ben Carson

(10) Donald Trump is an a*s

(11) This Guy:


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