MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! #MayThird!

Nothing profound for today and clearly there is no Weekly Recap (ha!) Instead, below is the message I put on facebook and here is a picture of me being very happy that it’s my birthday!

YAAAAAAAAAAY!! On this day my parents welcomed a squalling, fat cheeked soon to be manage-ably spoiled me into the world and boy what a ride it has been. Love to all my family and friends. With each year I appreciate you all more and more #Sentimental&Stuff #MayThird

Oh yeah and here is your funny for the week – video of Reese Witherspoon being arrested. I hope she can laugh at herself ’cause this video is pure comedy:

NOTE:  DRINKING & DRIVING IS TERRIBLE AND NO ONE SHOULD EVER DO IT! (I feel like every time I laugh about drunk Reese I have to do a quick PSA)

As for me, I will DEFINITELY NOT be drinking and driving tonight. Correction, I will be drinking just not drinking AND driving! Hold onto your hats people… May Third here I come!!!!

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