“Love & Hip Hop ATL” Reunion PART 3 (AIN’T NO MO!) #RatchetTVRecap

And heeeeeeeere we go…

(1) This KNEE-GROW walking down the hallway w/ his shirt off #CokeIsAHelluvaDrug

(2) So since I came in midway through this season there were a few things I missed:

(a) Erica: “You can’t give these low budget n*ggas anything to hold against you” Maaaaaannnnn #AintThatTheTruth!

(b) Mimi acting all shook at the table after Nikko shows her the footage. Cue tears: “What does this MEAN??” #Puuuu-lease

(c) “We ‘x-supposed’, MediaTakeOut has the tape” – that’s what happens when YOU GIVE IT TO THEM! #BuckToothJackass

(d) “I’m a porn star by default” Yes, Mimi, “by default” #HardSideEye

(e) “How did you even get the tape?” I think I lost a contact rolling my eyes so hard #MoreMalarkey

{Sidebar: Nikko is a wrinkled hideous buster bunny looking mess and he ALWAYS looks like he’s needs a shower w/ that hose they use for elephants.}


(4) Did Deb just reference the Kardashians??? And why they “make it”???? #OwnUpToWhatYouDo AND #TheyHaveFamilyMoney AND #TheyAreNotBlack

(5) Deb: “But you know, I know, the world know, that that was all set up” #KeepingItAllVeryReal

(6) Nikko got an ocean full of nerve calling somebody “fake”. What Ariane said #Clown

(7) Just waiting for Deb to get in the pulpit, cause that’s next right? #ChurchOfDebAndMommaDee

(8) Why are we still even discussing whether or not this fool leaked the damn tape?? #TeamLEAKO! DAYUM ALREADY! Talk about milking a plot point. Sheesh!

(9) K Michelle: “This is a production” #StillFunny

(10) And I repeat: Mimi is crazy #PutThatOnALoop

(11) I don’t need their sex tape as a first for anything. Please note this is NOT a victory for black people. Not. At. All! #AncestorsTurningOverInTheirGraves

(12) “Nikko why the smirk?” BECAUSE HE’S A B*TCH!!

(13) Again, I hate “you didn’t ask me if I was married”. Anyone who comes w/ that BS line is a LOSER OF THE HIGHEST ORDER! #LieByOmission

(14) Nikko & Steebie J #SupremeLosers

(15) Everytime this fool says something akin to “Everybody does___” Or “Nobody’s perfect____” I want to pour castor oil down his throat! #UGH

(16) Mimi: “I love Nikko, I care for Nikko” #WhyTheyStay #Smh

(17) Momma Dee: “If you really want to know the ‘grandiosity’ of it, it got me hot” #IJustThrewUpALittleInMyMouth

(18) Also let’s just linger on “grandiosity” for minute shall we… Right, so I’m not going to be a total a*s here but I am going to say that was an interesting word choice for a few reasons…

(19) Karlie – Cray Cray Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy! #ChicksToStayAwayFrom

(20) That whole Kalenna, Ashley, Tony situation… #_____

(21) Sommore “and one day someone just took their bra off?” #Funny

(22) Erica’s face when Ashley was like “you only live once, so why not?” #EricaIsNotBiCurious

(23) Ashley – “I’m saving the threesome for my husband” #_____

(24) Okay I can’t keep ignoring Joseline’s make up – what IS that????

(25) When “I” married Idris Elba #June29th

(26) Stefan: “Who was there? Where did it take place? Are there any photos?” #ReallyDude???

(27) Does it really “s-sists” Joseline, does it??? #Sigh

(28) Zino & Thi-Thi held out on being interviewed, interesting… #$$$$

(29) Wait, wait, wait – Zino got into it w/ Stefan?? WORD??? #WhereIsMona?????

(30) Zino: “I’ll give you a show” Could this actually be REAL reality tv??

(31) Aaaaaannnd then Zino apologizes… #Nevermind #Mona & #$$$$$

(32) Steebie J: “What fight?” I mean can coke result in memory loss? #Jokes Also, spoken like a true pimp #DenyDenyDeny Also #LookingLikeIkeTurner

(33) Joseline: “He’s 55 and short w/ half of a good arm and no neck” I’ll admit I actually laughed at that one #Zino

(34) Joseline: “l-a-gent-ly” #ImJustANoteTaker

(35) Joseline re fighting: “Plop! Why not?”

[Please note: I do not actually condone violence, don’t think otherwise since SOME of y’all want to chime in w/ specific commentary on fb. If you don’t want to participate in the jokes by all means head elsewhere.]

(36) Wait one whole full length goddamn minute did she say “I might be a little bit more classier and a little bit more calm”?? #SayWhatNow???

(37) Oh damn, so next season will be about Joseline going to counseling???

(38) Okay pause, in light of recent real life events involving domestic abuse and victim blaming I’m going to get serious for a second and point out that although I am not a fan of Joseline (Or really anyone on this ratchet a*s show) I will say this much – I without a doubt am well aware of her having a truly rough background, I mean baaaaaad so to sit here and watch Wack Producer Stefan and Pimp-A-Lot Sleazy J cut her up on camera is utter BS. Not that I should expect anything legit from anything connected to this show but if we want to talk about who needs therapy – I might look at Sleazy J, Mona and Stefan first. Shady a*s bastards everyone of ’em.

(39) I’m not saying she couldn’t benefit from therapy my point is she isn’t the only one.

(40) Zino re Sleazo: “He’s a wimp and a weirdo” #Yep

(41) Zino re Sleazo and Joseline: “A pimp ho love affair” #Sigh

(42) Mona deliberately put Stefan on front street. Notice she is NO WHERE TO BE SEEN #TheRealPimpHidesInTheShadows

(43) So Zino’s like a real life hobbit huh.

(44) Sleazy J: “I’m clean” #LIAR!

(45) Zina: “It’s not easy when you fight w/ your friend” #FakeTear

(46) Speaking of “Sleazo”, has Producer Stefan Springman looked in a mirror lately?

(47) Sleazy J: “Shoot the five” #Ignant

(48) Zino The Hobbit: “We got another season” #StayTunedHeSays

Yeah I don’t know about that “stay tuned” bizness ’cause I can’t say right now whether or not I’ll be back for anymore of this roller coaster of ratchetry #LAWD!!

(P.S. But yes the first season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood IS HAPPENING!) #AlreadySMDH

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