“Love & Hip Hop ATL” Reunion PART 2 (One More To Go!) #RatchetTVRecap

(1) Cue bootleg audience

(2) Stevie J & Benzino: “What? What? What? What? What? What?” #Dialogue

The Fight

(3) Thi-thi may actually have been rocking some real red bottoms, maaaaybe.

(4) Y’all see that lady that came to get Sommore outta the way? AND the look on Sommore’s face?? LOL!

(5) So clearly Benzino’s mic was working. Or maybe Steebie was just focused.

(6) Not even gonna front, when that lil mofo came outta his jacket and ran around the sofa – I fell all the way the f*ck out.

(7) I know, I know, I KNOW I’m not supposed to laugh at this but OMG FOR REAL? #TEARS!

(8) Thi-thi w/ the bottle and then laughing. Soooo she’s high too?

(9) Thi-thi titty out #Shocker

(10) Why did it take Kirk so long to get next to Rasheeda’s side? #CauseHeIsAB____

(11) Joseline’s hair actually looked pretty. Well it held up well while she was brawling #JustAnObservation

(12) Awwww ish you know when they break out w/ captions it’s serious.

(13) Wait WHAT?? Tammy???? Ohhhhh yeaah, now I remember… #StyleByTammyEp #Ridic

(14) But seriously I had to pause and ask out loud WTF?? Joseline is craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy as hell.

(15) Maaaaan look at Tammy’s hair. I would owe Joseline a lifetime of ass whoopings for having me out there looking bad w/ the cameras rolling. Dude… for real, A LIFETIME!!!

(16) But why did security let those two loose? They were the ones who got up to box in the first place! #MONA!!

(17) Back to Tammy, the way that chile ran and grabbed those bottles and then ran after Joseline again?? I HOWLED!!! #ROTFLMAO!

(18) THIS NEGRO TOOK HIS SHIRT OFF!!! HIS. SHIRT. OFF. HE took it off! Maaaaan that white powder is sum SHIT yo! Dayum!!

(19) They had to lock down the set #LiterallySmdh

(20) Did I hear fire department?


(21) Not gonna front, I rewound that ish like 50/11 times yo – Fifty Eleven!

(22) Sommore’s speech – getting out ahead of a lawsuit?? Although I have a feeling that a Mona Scott contract is chock full of “clauses, disclaimers and sub paragraphs” #APactWithTheDevil

(23) Joseline went “0 to 100” #RealQuick

(24) So Kirk was more concerned about Tammy than Rasheeda?

(25) Joseline was holding that ponytail in her hand like a trophy. #GotHair?

(26) Karlie so you just gon’ sit there and act like you and Joseline wasn’t on some extra cool shit? Like reeeeeeaaal friendly shit? Like, oh I don’t know, “friends”? Don’t stand down now b/c you’re on stage and your “girl” just showed her a*s. If y’all cool then y’all cool, oh wait – tv friends – right right. #ThisIsStupid

(27) This bootleg Dr. Phil psychobabble going on is complete horseshit ESPECIALLY since it could damn near be any other cast member being analyzed as well. Maybe not for the exact same behavior but really w/ this ish w/ Jose & Steebie? Please. Stop. Now.

(28) The Good Right Reverend Pastor Doctor Momma Dee #ICant

(29) Karlie is like real extra stupid right?

(30) Is Ariane a doctor? Did she take Mimi’s blood pressure? Can you just look at someone and tell their blood pressure is up? Hell that might be me every day around 4p at work. Can people see it??

(31) Why would you walk them past each other on a stairwell?? #MONA

(32) Heard on the stairwell: “Move the camera! Move the camera!” #Shenanigans

(33) Nikko is a BIIIIIIIIIIIITCH! They played the hell outta him – as they should have #BitchMade

(34) I JUST caught them holding Deb back! She was gettin’ RIGHT ROWDY! #BoutIt!

(35) “We were not dealing w/ a human at that time” #AnimalStrength?

(36) NOTE: Deb is with it if it comes her way #DontGetItTwisted

(37) F*ck Kirk #JustBecause

(38) Why is everyone acting like Joseline isn’t crazy? She been on one from day one. Seriously am I the only person who saw the audition episode?? Ok, what Deb said, Joseline has issues period. BUT THIS ISN’T NEW INFO!

(39) Jesus is not messing w/ any of y’all right now. #NotNaryAOneOfYall

(40) So we gon’ spend the rest of this Ep talking about Joseline’s issues and “alleged” substantive abuse problems? Soooooo Joseline is STILL winning ’cause she is still the center of attention. #MONA!

(41) Were Tammy and Rasheeda wearing the same shoes? #OnPurpose?

(42) Sooo that’s what I hear in your voice Tammy? #Baltimore

(43) Really Dawn? With the tears? And Momma Dee? #LeSigh

(44) Rasheeda: “They both stay on the ‘gram” #Funny

(45) Dawn just spilling ALL THE TEA! #AllOuttaLiptonRightNow

(46) Well damn she said it – Steebie is Joseline’s pimp #Truth

(47) Of course Mimi doesn’t “see” it…

(48) “That’s so deep.” No, no it is not.

(49) For real, is Ariane trying to get a self-help show? #Spinoff?

(50) Ok, talking about Joseline bringing Steebie j down? I mean S-E-R-I-O-U-S-L-Y??????

(51) I mean Deb is talking real ish but I still hate her voice #BrainSpasms

(52) Yung Joc called Deb “Sweetheart”… Boy! Deb is LITERALLY old enough to be yo Momma, hell maybe your damn Nana!

(53) Yung Joc re Joseline/Stevie J: “Harmonious tragic love story” – NEGRO SHUT UP! WHAT IS THIS MALARKEY?????

(54) Joseline: “I come everywhere ready to fight” #OfCourseYouDo

(55) No comment re Joseline and Thi-thi’s make up…

(56) “X-supposed”? #Sigh


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