“Love & Hip Hop ATL” Reunion PART 1 (Sigh) #RatchetTVRecap

(1) Did they say THREE episodes???? #PassMeTheHookah

(2) OMG these previews…. W.T.F??

(3) Stefan Springman, Mona’s pimping partner #DirtyDuo

(4) “Stevie ain’t loyal” In case it’s not clear Steebie, Benzina just called you a b*tch.

(5) Hey everybody, Joseline is wearing Versace shoes #Smdh

(6) Rasheeda lost some of that baby weight but I think it found its way to her hair #WhySoBigMa??

(7) Hair and Makeup for Erybody #HARSH!

(8) But seriously Rasheeda, the 60s called and they want their hairstyle back #BouffantBeGone!

(9) Sommore sounded like Momma Dee on more than one occasion. Y’all peeped that right? #NailsOnMyBrainCells

(10) The “clock” heard ’round the world #BambiLetLooseWitDemPaws

(11) Dear God WHY am I questioning whether or not English is a second language for some of these cats??? #MyEars!

(12) That heffa in the audience w/ the shock blonde #No

(13) Scrappy: “Drunk Shenanigans” #GladHeSaidIt (And I understood it)

(14) Also Scrappy, LOSE WEIGHT ALREADY DAYUM! Looking like Busta Rhymes’ Mini Me #CallJennyCraigToday!

NOTE: I give credit where credit is due and “The Bambi” had some KEY one liners

(15) Re Erica P: “Aspiring sidechick” #LMAO!

(16) It just occurred to me that Bambi is actually pretty #StillGhettoAsHellTho

(17) Re Scrappy: “I think he’s tri-polar” #MoreLols

(18) “We just got a ratchet situation” #TheMostTruthEverSaid!

(19) “How many b*tches you got to sock in the face to show you ain’t timid” #IMean…

(20) Momma Dee: “I feel like Scarlett” #Whaaaaaa???

(21) This is only the first commercial break and I am already done! #GotAFork?

(22) Bambi: “I don’t want to hello you” #Hahahahahaha!

(23) I see Joseline is back to looking less like a woman again #Hmmm

(24) When contouring goes too far #LHHATLReunion

(25) Once again the Bams w/ the killer one liner: “I ain’t trying to marry this n*gga” #SoRatchetButSoFunny

(26) “Where we was?” #DONE!

Sidebar: I kinda want to hear the unbleeped version but then I would need to wash my brain out w/castor oil and bleach.

(27) Sommore: “We ain’t gon’ bring the baby and God in this” #ThankYou!

(28) I need a an entire separate list for the audience. I ain’t EVEN got enough time or room #Whew!

(29) WOOOOOW!! Y’all saw how Mona just PIMPED THE ISH OUTTA SCRAPPY RIGHT??? The one true Pimpstress said “GET DRESSED!” Translation: “Stop acting like a b*tch before I smack you on camera” #SheScary

(30) Speaking of b*tches #Kirk

(31) You know how you know this is REALLY fake b/c that scene where Rasheeda walks in and there is a random woman holding her child would have NEVAH gon’ down in real life. NOT NEVAH EVAH NEVAH! #Fake #Fake #Fake!

(32) Y’all remember that “Friends” episode when Monica is in Barbados and her hair is HUGE? #Rasheeda (Her shoes are cute tho)

(33) What on earth is Benzina wearing? Looking like an extra from Austin Powers #NahBaby

(34) All this white on white is a bad look for tv. So are wardrobe and set design feuding with each other? Hello production??? AND Sommore w/ the black on black! PRODUCTION!! Oh wait, I forgot this is a Mona Scott situation, wardrobe – Ha!

(35) Btw, I HATE when people (men in particular) wear sunglasses on while indoors ESPECIALLY on camera. Fall back on the greenery for an hour or several.

(36) Karlie Redd #CrayCray

(37) “Karlie became physically abusive to me” #HardSideEye

(38) Yung Joc acting out that whole scene #DoingTheMost. Is he trying for a real acting gig also?

(39) so there was supposed to be a lie detector test backstage BUT HE HAS ON A DIFFERENT OUTFIT? So now “I’M” stupid???

(40) Benzina’s comment about how Joseline & Stevie J “do sex” (I originally wrote it out word for word but umm no) #Speechless


(42) Is Benzino really talking about coke on camera?? #Dayum!

(43) Benzino: “Don’t do that with all these securities” #ESL

(44) This negro is SHIRTLESS! #SteebieJ

(45) One down, two more to go…. #MoreTequilaPlease!


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