Jeremy “Heart Thug” Meeks #Friday

Look I didn’t initially plan to do an entire post about this but it’s Friday and I have MAD ish to do and this story is HIIIIIIIIIGH-LARIOUS! So below is my facebook post re Mr. Jeremy Meeks a.k.a. “The Felon Whose Mug Shot Went Viral”.


The Mugshot

“Oh yes there’s more… Mr. Jeremy “Heart Thug” Meeks now has an array of memes (in addition to Many MANY “fans”) AND he’s been INTERVIEWED! Yes GAWD HUNTY! MEEKS SPEAKS!

(1) He has a wife (un huh)

(2) He said they found “A” pistol in his truck, that ain’t nuthin’ y’all – I thought all truly patriotic Americans had at least one pistol or a rifle somewhere easily accessible, right??

(3) He said he’s not some “Kingpin” so there!

(4) He was in jail for Grand Theft BECAUSE HE STOLE MY HEART! (Sorry I couldn’t resist) but for real tho – what did he steal?? I mean MAYBE he was trying to feed his family or sumtin’ – it’s hard out here in these streets.

(5) Last note – for those who want to wag fingers and scold ppl who are drooling over this man, exhale and take two seats, jokes people JOKES! 

Shout out to Danielle Lewis and Toni Bullock for the links to Buzzfeed & the interview!


#JeremyMeeks! 😉

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