“If I were on twitter…” (soon) #goldenglobes2012

Ricky Gervais. Smoking jacket? Which apparently slowly disintegrated throughout the course of the evening. He looked like a modern day well dressed English Lord Vampire. #fauxpas

NBC jokes #ouch

Bet you still don’t know anything about the Hollywood Foreign Press. #random.org

Why does Angelina Jolie look like an alien nurse from the Red Cross? Do you have fun? Ever? #relaxlady    

I need Gerard Butler and Russell Crowe in a film together as good vs. evil twins.  #soonpleasethankyou

AHEM! PLEASE NOTE: the character that Jonah Hill plays in “Moneyball” did NOT attend Yale, he went to HARVARD. Wtf is with that change?? #bullsh*t and #hmpf!

Rob Lowe & Julianne Moore’s teleprompter going out, had to resort to a cold reading – probably only funny to actors.  #insidejoke

Woman in the blue dress stumbles, laughter follows #awwww (dude, didn’t she look like Katie Holmes??)

When Ashton showed up my male friend who is happily married to a beautiful and amazing woman says:  “Ashton really is a good looking dude” #funnyandtrue (These are the comments you can make when you are comfortable in your manhood. Take note.)

Madonna’s arms are scary  #stopthemadness

LOVE IDRIS! Quote 1: “He’s really good looking for a black guy.”  Quote 2: “Why is he speaking with a British accent?” #hahahahaha

“Too Big To Fail”, “Luther”, “50/50”  #stuffIshouldwatch

Clearly Ricky was on a short lease. #good-idea

Love Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy!! I mean they are both ridiculously talented actors and they seem like a really legit couple. One of the few Hollywood marriages that just might go the distance. #wishingthemwell

Ricky running behind Madonna  #hilarious

Madonna’s dress #bleh

Best Actress in a Supporting Role:  OCTAVIA SPENCER!!!  #awesome!

SHAWSHANK. DAISY. BABY. UNFORGIVEN. ELECTRIC COMPANY. #morganfreeman  (Might just watch “Brubaker” and “Street Smart” for kicks).

“Starring Johnny Depp & Robert Downey Jr in…” What would THAT film look like? #Mmmmm  (Umm that doesn’t already exist does it? Cause I went looking for a reference and came up empty handed. And I feel like that would kinda be a big deal.)


Jessica’s Biel’s dress – HORRIBLE. What’s up with the space for the third breast? You have three breasts??? Did Justin Timberlake take back his ring b/c of that dress? #legitquestion

THE ARTIST!!!!  Seriously good movie #expandyomind

Natalie Portman. She had a baby last June. If she wasn’t so dope (and went to Harvard) I would totally dislike her. She looked GORGEOUS! #hollywoodglam

Viola Davis. Fabulous and supremely talented. #bringontheOscars!

Here is the legit full recap since I obviously didn’t provide one above:  www.nbc.com/golden-globes and/or www.goldenglobes.org


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  1. January 15, 2012 @ 11:15 pm Crissy Snow

    Ummm… “For a black guy” LOL The Artist is a great film.


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