I went to a gun range. I didn’t like it. #BanAssaultWeapons

I also took Riflery at camp one summer and actually that didn’t bother me. The difference being the force utilized in firing a rifle versus the force utilized in shooting a 9mm or worse. I can’t even imagine firing an assault weapon. I would imagine that the force is less – hence madmen being able to effortlessly mow down unarmed civilians without so much as breaking a sweat – but the devastation…

A few points to consider:



Michael Moore’s excellent point is one of my favorites, especially as a response to those who are eagerly calling to arm our teachers. I’m curious – if there isn’t any money in the budget to increase teacher’s salaries or improve their benefits or update classroom resources then where will the money come from to (a) provide teachers with the guns and (b) properly train them on how to use said gun? Seems a bit short-sighted AND UTTERLY F*CKING RIDICULOUS to me. Just saying…




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