Yaaaaaay “The Muppets”!

Thanks to one of my east coast friends (S/O Rachel Moo!) I made it home in time to check out The Muppets. So happy I did. My fav moments are below:

(1) Awwww Kermit has to work with his Ex. I’ve actually never had to do this so I can only imagine how HORRIBLE it might be #IJS

(2) Kermit was trying to get everyone to quiet down so he could start the meeting and Bunsen decided to take care of it by tazing Beaker. A BIT dramatic #ButFunnyTho


(3) I TOTALLY automatically thought of 30 Rock when it came on. Good sign or bad sign? I’m going with good #ForNow

(4) In case you missed it, Zoot is in AA. Muppets got problems too yo.



(5) Ahhh so we’re going to go with the “behind-the-scenes documentary” device ANNNNND Grover called it!

  • “One-on-one interviews? What an overused device. You tell the camera how you really feel, and then they cut back to you saying something completely different. I hate these interviews.” Cut back: “I love those interviews. Great device.”

I think I laughed too hard at this. Oh well, I’m easy. WITH TV! I’M EASY WITH TV!

(6) “I’m not happy with the janitor knowing what I throw away. Can you have someone put a layer of generic trash over my private trash?” Two things:

  • (6.1) HILAROUS! Again, I laughed waaaaay too hard at this but I FEEL her tho! 😉
  • (6.2) So Miss Piggy is a combo of Jenna and Tracy. Oh wait, technically Miss Piggy came first so Jenna and Tracy were the knock-offs! If you didn’t watch 30 Rock then (a) this is lost on you and (b) you need to go rectify that immediately.

(7) Kermit called Miss Piggy a lunatic – he’s gonna pay for that during the reunion show.

(8) Fozzie is a TERRIBLE comedian – pretty decent as an announcer tho #Observations

(9) Kermit: “My life is a bacon-wrapped hell on earth” Umm I don’t eat bacon but from how some of y’all exclaim about it I get the sense that an earth wrapped in crispy bacon (hell means fire right?) would be heaven sent. #BestOfBothWorlds??

(10) Miss Piggy “I love me just as much as you do.” Ain’t mad atcha boo #AintMadAtAll

(11) Fozzie talking about online dating and the responses he got when he said he was a “passionate bear looking for love” LMAO!!!

(12) They had bear jokes. I mean they had to do it right? “He likes the salmon, what a surprise” / “I would have kept some raw for you” / “Actually I usually get mine at Costco.”

(13) The writer’s room is alway fodder for material – even for Muppets.

(14) Kermit’s new girlfriend Denise gets introduced. First impression: I DO NOT LIKE DENISE! Booooooooooooo!

(15) Fozzie was sitting on a sofa next to his non Muppet girlfriend. He looked super crazy. I mean I’m rooting for him and his GF but ummm well they DO look odd together.

(16) I do not like Denise’s accent. Ugh.

(17) Scooter tried to distract Elizabeth Banks:

  • Elizabeth Banks: “I’m an actor”
  • Scooter: “Then act like you’re interested in a tour that somebody’s taking time away from his day to give you.”

I gave a FULL cackle at that exchange! And yes eventually she shoved his orange ass right off the golf cart.



(20) Miss Piggy called out Kermit re Denise – no idea what he sees in her. I KNOW RIGHT??!!! And she told him he was getting fat. I think he got off easy. Get it together Kermit!

Something I noted re this reboot – besides the updated language and scenarios etc – is that I now relate A LOT MORE to Statler and Waldorf #Smh



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