I watched RHOA last night because I needed that messy break from “reality” – a few notes…

(1) Porsha carrying her portable cooler.

(2) Kenya calling Sheree “bone thugs n harmony.”

(3) Flashback to “who said that?” #Porsha

You did. AND Phaedra but I guess we’ll get to that later. Smdh.

(4) I’m not sure why Sheree hasn’t outted Phaedra yet either: “I dont’ want to have to do it” #GirlBye

(5) Cynthia, Sheree and Kenya’s reaction to Kandi’s news re Porsha:

And Kenya was on the floor – COMEDY!

(6) Sheree calling Porsha a “carpet muncher” #ICant

(7) Porsha “blame it on the Henny.”

(8) Why does Sheree look like Miss Havisham in her confessional? WHAT IS SHE WEARING????

(9) Why would Todd be anywhere in America (or any where that RHOA is on the airwaves) telling ANY ONE his name is something other than Todd?? #MarvinWho? #AndWhy??

(10) Even Porsha’s sister is looking at her like “wtf are you saying??”

(11) Kandi does look good in her confessional though, that black n gold ensemble with the gold accents and her make-up #Winning

(12) Talking about messy, “they” know they wrong for jumping to this church clip after replaying Phaedra’s messy involvement in that whole “Kandi’s gay and f*cking Shamea” nonsense. I ain’t saying Phaedra ain’t righteous I’m saying the producers know exactly what they are doing. #MessyAF

(13) So YOU’RE going to spearhead the “healing” Phaedra? #Okay

Girl… #DoBetter

(14) No it’s NOT the perfect time to getaway – at all. Also, clearly – a full trip with everyone is NOT what y’all need. #SetUp

(15) Kenya’s brother talking about “I got friends if you like ’em that age.”

(16) Bob is crazy.

(17) Sitting there with Kandi and Cynthia was Phaedra’s moment to come clean. This is silly. She knew the cameras were rolling when she mouthed off to Sheree and Porsha. AND she knows Kandi is going to see that scene at some point. So y’all just making sure the reunion show gets its ratings huh – okay.

(18) This skin-tightening/detox place is a lil too next level ATL bougie for me at the moment. Also WHAT. DAFUQ is Porsha wearing?? Sigh. #GirlStop

(19) Anyone who has seen even half a season of this d*mn show knows this trip is a bad idea #SET #UP

(20) How is Porsha Phaedra’s plus one and then Porsha adds her own d*mn plus one? Really??

He supposed to protect you from Kandi??

(21) This dinner is SUPER ridiculous!

(22) “She’s a lying b*tch” #IMean…

(23) I could go a few months without hearing the phrase “she wanted to eat me until I come.”

(24) PETER IS ALL THE WAY OUT OF CONTROL!! “If Cynthia Bailey tongue kissed Porsha we all fcking tonight.”

My reaction

(25) Kandi literally had receipts. Hard copies of text mgs. WOW!

(26) “I’m not gon’ rape you on camera” #ThatWasSaid

(27) Sheree’s I dream of purple #No

(28) Just so it’s absolutely clear Kandi dragged ALL OF THEM to Maui so she could rage in paradise. #Ratings


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