I slept in this morning because…

(a) I went out last night, to a bar, to watch Monday Night Football. This is a big deal, it was a school night and I can’t remember the last time I watched Monday Night Football on purpose. #HighFiveToMe

(b) When I got home I HAD to watch:

It wasn’t necessarily a “kick ass” opener HOWEVER since I have nothing but the utmost faith in HBO and this series in particular, I’m still going along for the ride.

Disclaimer: I re-watched the season finale for season 3 so really post football I got through another 2 hours of television hence this lightweight a*s post I am cobbling together. Look, I know I’m addicted, I’m just not sure I really want to DO anything about it yet. 😉

(c) I did not watch The Daily Show, I had to draw the line somewhere and GO TO BED!

(d) I learned about replacing a windshield yesterday. Random I know but since I had to have MY windshield replaced I decided to view it as a learning experience.

Brief background:  I noticed a fairly decent sized crack late last week, “blimey” I thought but at that point I wasn’t exactly nervous about it, really more annoyed than anything with a vague sense of urgency re getting it handled. Then, yesterday morning said “decent sized crack” became a far more respectable sized crack and had carried over ALLLLLLLLLLL the way across my windshield. “RATS!!” I exclaimed and now extreme paranoia set in: “Can I get on the freeway? What if too much air hits it? What if a wayward acorn lands on it? Will the entire thing dramatically fall apart and rain glass on my lap???” Yep, that was me (I have a very active imagination).

What I learned:

  1. There are two panes of glass that comprise your windshield, one of them is safety glass to help prevent EXACTLY what I described above from happening. WHEW!
  2. I got a visual of the type of crack that can be repaired – approximately the size of a silver dollar – I didn’t have a choice between repair and replace, as noted the crack in my windshield started out large and kept growing by the day.
  3. For my purposes the only difference between getting an original factory windshield and an after market windshield was the price. After several consultations I went with after market, WHEW! I own my ride so no worries about needing to hand back over a lease with proper factory stuff. Again, WHEW!
  4. IF you keep calling around AND utilize Yelp effectively you can come up on a deal. Shout out to GTO AUTO GLASS on Mission Road!! They quoted me the cheapest price AND I was able to come in that day AND they were quick about it. (Yeah I know I need to do a Yelp review, gimme a minute, I need to finish this post first.)
  5. Watching them replace the windshield was a little like watching a loved one undergo minor surgery, uncomfortable and nerve-wracking. #Shudders

And there you have it, most of my Monday. Oh yeah, I had to cancel my dentist appt because of the windshield repair but I was scared to go there anyway so I kinda think it worked out for me. 🙂


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