How That Sterling Audio Came Into Being…

From James Rainey of the LATimes:

V. Stiviano

Last Sept, Sterling and Stiviano argued about her instagram picture with Magic Johnson. She recorded the argument as she had often recorded their convos in the past “to try to teach him a lesson about how poorly he came across at times, her lawyers would later say” (slight differently version from what she said before but I would argue he was still on notice).

In March, Shelly Sterling sued Stiviano to recover the cars, the cash and the house (she put a lien on the house). Six days later, Stiviano got a text from a Clippers employee:

“Donald Sterling had ordered the tickets, parking pass and luxury suite access he had given her for that night’s game to be sold.”

“Stiviano texted that it didn’t matter — another regular had given her tickets. The employee texted back: “Mr. Sterling said to let me know if you need anything. We don’t want to have any issues at the game.”

Stiviano responded: “No tell Mr. Sterling that I don’t need anything nor do I want anything…But thanks for asking. LET THE GAMES BEGAN. . . .”

Two minutes later, Stiviano sent the employee an audio file…”

16 days later TMZ posted the audio. Stiviano still says that the audio was given to a friend for safekeeping and she believes that person gave it to TMZ. Regardless, guess who is now banned for life from the NBA and has to sell his team? That’s right the rich old racist guy.

#WhenChickensComeHomeToRoost #KarmaComesBackToYouHard

V. Stiviano


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