‘Game Of Thrones’ – “Blood Of My Blood”

Dem Thrones Y’all!!

(1) Another Stark reunion!! Uncle Benjen popped up right on time. Whew! Bran’s a*s was warged out with visions of the Mad King dancing in his head. That’s gotta be uncomfortable. Ugh.


(2) Sam’s mother was channeling Beyonce when she told her husband “You disrespect yourself!” #DontHurtYourself! AND my man Sam got his manhood on, said fck this BS. Got his girl, his baby, the sword and broke out! YAAAAY SAM!

(3) I knew Arya wasn’t gonna do it. She’s a Stark d*mnit and that’s what she’s gonna stay. She still has her own kill list to handle. And that nameless blonde bobbed heffa is about to be an extra credit addition.
(4) See I think Margaery convinced Tommen to turn because she thought that was going to be her only way out. I do not for one d*mn second believe that SHE believes that malarkey. I hope I’m right but in the meantime this ish is looking terrible. Why come can’t nobody take the old man out in his sleep? Some spiked water? Something?? GAH!
(5) Daenerys’ speech got me AMPED!! When this heffa swooped in on that dragon and said “I choose you all” I legit jumped up ready to join in! Yes I’ll ride the wooden horses across the black salt sea! I got yo back girl! “NOW AND ALWAYS!!” RIDE OR DIE!! LET’S DO THIS!

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  1. May 30, 2016 @ 5:02 pm Ronald Lowe

    #3 I don’t know. GOT has a rep for doing the unexpected. Remember the Red Wedding.


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