Father and Daughter Birthdays #ATaurusBond

My father and I shared a special bond because of our adored parent and cherished child relationship but it was made even more special because our birthdays were only a few days apart. I have his laugh, his love of music and his silly sense of humor. Oh yeah and of course his charming adorableness… 😉

Introducing baby Rafeeq…

See the adorableness?!!?

And his bouncing baby daughter Crescent…

See the chubby cheeked resemblance?

Soon after my arrival…

Proud papa and his already spoiled baby girl

I’m not even sure if this IS a birthday cake in front of me but since there is a candle in play I’m going to declare this IS a birthday picture and make it official!

Daddy and Baby Girl Styling!

Sigh. I have more than one picture of me crying or looking extremely distraught on my birthday. High expectations man. #AndSpoiled

I think I was expecting Red Velvet Cake to match my awesome birthday hat #RepeatSpoiled

And last but not least…

"My Dad!" "My Daughter!"

It would have been cool to have his height as well but the best of all was just having him. I miss and love you so very much Daddy. You are always in my thoughts. Love always your baby girl.


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