‘Empire’ – Not a real recap, just my tweets from catching up on episodes 15 & 16

I tried to Storify this info. I need a tutorial because that did NOT go smoothly. Sigh. Fortunately cutting and pasting still works!

EPISODE 15: “Civil Hands Unclean”

(1) Why y’all ain’t tell me Snoop was on here last week???

(2) Still HATE that HORRIBLE ponytail Lucious is rocking. Someone cut that ish OFF!

(3) Alright imma say it, I’m tired of Jamal singing about Lucious.

(4) Cookie to Andre: “You know I’ll burn this b*tch down” And that’s why I’m still watching this show. #TeamCookie #AllDay!

(5) Cookie walked in knowing ALL da hitters!! Wharton made Andre street stupid and Shine should have known better. Smdh.

(6) What da hell red Liberace inspired garb is Hakeem wearing??? Lawd….

(7) This Lucious vs. Angelo situation just might get a lil interesting. 🍿

(8) Cookie got them jays and them diamonds on display! OOOOKAAAAAY! I SEE YOU GIRL!!

(9) Cookie, Boo Boo Kitty (Anika) and Giuliana all in the same room with Lucious – WHEW!

(10) Hakeem: “This situation right here is trigonometry. Your girl got a girl, that’s two girlfriends.” 🙄🙄🙄

(11) Woooooo WEEEEEEEE!!! Phylicia Rashad brought DA HEAT!!! I’m still rooting for Cookie (always) but I am intrigued by THIS fight!


(13) GEEZUS! THEY TOOK THE BABY!!!!???!!! DAYUM!! Somebody bout to DIE!


EPISODE 16: “Absent Child” 

(1) I’m caught up now! TOTALLY forgot Ghost Rhonda made Bi-polar Dre promise to avenge their baby’s death. But BELLA tho?? DAMN DRE!

(2) It’s over the top AF but the visual of this meeting of The Families is pretty dope. Show still cray cray but finally back on track

(3) “Find”? Isn’t she with CPS???

(4) Ohhh like for real “find”??? CPS literally doesn’t know where the child is?? Maaaan – this ish is crazy. ERYBODY bout to be fired.

(5) Ummm Fetty Wap is on this episode?? For WHY??? Sorry, never mind. Sigh.

(6) Q. Is Andre gonna make it to next season? A few signs seem to be indicating he’s on borrowed time.

(7) OMG! JUST realized Lucious got his hair game back together. THANK YOU JESUS! Those throwback pimp tresses were taxing my nerves!

(8) Lucious looks younger with the hair change. That is not a compliment. It is strictly an observation. We still ain’t cool.

(9) Dre off his meds.

(10) Fetty Wap the one ‘posed to be saving this track? DA HELL???

(11) Yoooooo this negro is BLEEDING WHILE HE’S IN THE BOOTH! ARE Y’ALL SERIOUS RIGHT NOW??? I JUST said this show was back on track. Sigh.


(13) Umm is Mama Walker’s skin lightening cream supposed to be cancerous or something? Or just a reminder she cray??

(14) Cookie slapped DA SH*T outta Nessa. That might be a problem later.

(15) Oh Angelo, you should have listened when she told you y’all were from two different worlds. Now look – tied to a chair and bloodied.

(16) Phylicia Rashad GANGSTA AF!

(17) Look I’m just gonna say it right now, I’m already side-eyeing #Empire in Vegas. I foresee a HAWT MESS of a show. Sigh.

'‘Empire’ – Not a real recap, just my tweets from catching up on episodes 15 & 16' have 2 comments

  1. May 12, 2017 @ 6:41 am Denise

    Can’t do nothing but agree with your commentary and observations…Let me just add that I really think they hired new writers cuz it has greatly improved. This season has better pacing and some off the chain twists. I ain’t mad at ’em.


    • May 12, 2017 @ 10:57 am CM

      Heeeeey Denise! Right?!?? Someone got ahold of that writing room. Hope that person stays on board.


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