Chris Brown and Rihanna – Sigh

This started out as a blurb in last Friday’s weekly recap and then it got long and then I had to make an executive decision and make it a separate post. So awesome to be in charge!!  😉

ANYway I’ll provide a quick recap* and catch you up on the latest:

  • Chris physically assaulted Rihanna 3 years ago. Everyone saw the photo.
  • Chris’s career (rightly) took a nose dive.
  • Chris did an interview with Larry King that was, in my opinion, fraudulent.
  • Chris cried while performing “Man In the Mirror” during the 2010 BET awards. It is later discovered that singer Lloyd suggested he do so. Gotta love your friends.
  • Chris did an interview on Good Morning America (Mar 2011), got mad when asked about his past, stormed off the set, threw a chair into a window in the dressing room and left the building minus his shirt.
  • Chris performed TWICE at the 2012 Grammys AND won a Grammy.
  • In response to all the chatter questioning his presence at the Grammys, he posted this gem:


  • Last, Chris showed up on the remix to Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake” track and Rihanna showed up on the remix to Chris’ “Turn Up The Music.” Both songs were released yesterday.

*(For a far more extensive timeline, go to this article on Jezebel OR this write up on buzzfeed, complete with pics and everything. Fairly impressive research.)

It is those last three events that have the “blogosphere” (what a funny word) in an uproar. Seriously, folks are UP-SET! One of the links above is titled “Why We Hate Chris Brown” and the other “A Chronological Look at What Exactly Is Wrong With Chris Brown.” Some additional ones include:

  1. From Slate: “Why Chris Brown Is Even Worse Than You Thought” and
  2. From Billboard: “An Open Letter to Rihanna, it’s Time to Talk that Talk” and
  3. Country singer Miranda Lambert has been VERY vocal about her feelings:

In a concert Thursday night at the Amherst, Mass., Mullins Center, Lambert held up a handwritten poster that read, “Take notes Chris Brown” and said, “Listen, I just need to speak my mind.  Where I come from, beating up on a women is never OK.”

After the crowd applauded, she added, “So that’s why my daddy taught me early on in life how to use a shotgun.”

She then sang her hit song “Gunpowder and Lead,” which is about a woman preparing to shoot her abusive husband: “I’m goin’ home, gonna load my shotgun/ Wait by the door and light a cigarette/He wants a fight well now he’s got one/He ain’t seen me crazy yet.”

Interesting lyrics, I might have to check this song out. ANYway, here’s MY 5 cents:

As of today, here is where I stand on the matter – I acknowledge the fact that Rihanna is legally an adult and certainly entitled to make her own mistakes decisions. We do not know each other. She is not my sister, best friend, cousin or child SO if SHE chooses to go back to, even at a minimum, making songs with this cat then I’m done, washing my hands, out the door I go. But before I leave, I have a parting word (or two) for Mr. Brown.

Mr. Brown, based upon your quickly deleted Feb 14th Grammy tweet you seem to still feel a certain way about people repeatedly bringing up the fact that you literally BEAT YOUR GIRLFRIEND’S ASS 3 years ago.

Here’s a clue, yes part of the problem is the act itself – unquestionably. BUT the sticking issue is that YOU DON’T SEEM TO F*CKING GET IT! You don’t appear to have learned a lesson, like any lesson, like at all. So you had to attend 52 group counseling sessions and pick up some shit on the side of the road – big damn deal. A LOT of cats do jail time for an ass whooping like that but I’m not gonna fault the system here, I’m still focused strictly on you. Let me tell you what SHOULD have happened:

(1) Soon after your plea deal you should have released a statement – through a publicist (i.e., NOT on youtube) – giving a truly sincere heartfelt apology to your ex-girlfriend AND women everywhere who have experienced domestic abuse.

(2) In this same statement you should have acknowledged that your temper, passions, emotions, whatever, got the best of you. Perhaps admitted that as a couple the two of you struggled with proper conflict resolution techniques and that you now realize how “troubling” situations can quickly go from bad to worse to catastrophically horrendous.

(3) Mention again how growing up with an abusive stepfather left its mark in ways you didn’t anticipate and now through intensive counseling you plan to address those issues.

(4) Then you should have gone away for at least 4, maybe 6 months. Like away away. No twitter, no youtube, no parties, no appearances. Out. Of. Sight.

(5) THEN take a turn on Oprah’s couch. Hey, she was still on the air at that time and with the proper show of contrition it could have happened.

(6) And last, do a benefit concert with the proceeds going to a domestic violence organization.

Had you followed the above not only would you have been forgiven, your ass would have been WINNING a year later.

But no, you chose a different route. A route that I can only assume haphazardly came about from an either tragically incompetent management team and/or you simply ignored what sensibly minded folks tried to tell you. Either way – EPIC FAIL!

And now three years later we have women tweeting that you can beat them up anytime.


Breezy. That’s how it is for you huh? Just Breeeeezy. I’d deliberately refrained from discussing you in depth because I’ve just come back around to listening to your music again and I didn’t want to be a hypocrite but damn if I’m gonna ignore the fact that you might need to get a lobotomy. Too much? Fine, how about another INTENSIVE round of anger management classes?  ESPECIALLY since you can’t seem to keep your immature angry behind from making EXTRA stupid a*s comments on twitter.

Yeah, I might be back off you again. I was never gonna be TEAM BREEZY but I was willing to quit harping about it. Unfortunately you’re not making it easy for me. Oh and by the way, I was not pleased to hear that you have a role in “Think Like A Man.” Hell “I” might flinch every time you get too close to a woman in a scene.

At a minimum do yourself a favor and STAY THE F*CK OFF TWITTER!

Last word re Rihanna’s role in all of this:   Would it be nice if she told him to kick bricks? Sure. To go play in traffic? Yep. To never speak her name or look in her direction again? Of course. All of that would be good for young girls EVERYWHERE who idolize her and believe she can do no wrong. Unfortunately she’s not going to do any of the above. It’s better if we accept it now and re-focus our attention on where it should have been in the first place, properly raising our own kids.

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