Weekend Recap

2014 BET AWARDS #KindaSortaRecap

(1) Pharrell’s back up dancers rocking “Bae” on their cheerleading uniforms made me chuckle #ComeGetItBae (2) Felt a little sorry for him when he got trapped in his sweater #PoorBae (3) MISSY!!!!  I miss her. Come back Missy! PLEASE??!!?? #Misdemeanor! (4) Why Pharrell’s shoes look like someone wrote “Chanel” on ’em w/ a sharpie? (5)…

June 27th – June 29th #MyWeekend

Friday Night – QuestLove recorded Craig Robinson doing an impromptu concert during game night: Yeeeeeaaaaaah, that happened… Saturday Night – “Grits & Biscuits Party” AND Skybar: Sunday Night – Sangria Sundays at The Sofitel: Umm there were actually more events but I didn’t get pictures from all of them and yes, yes I am tired….

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