The Madness Collective

A “Madness Collective” Classic – Ep18 #TBT

Yep, we are still in Tina’s apartment. At some point we switched to Antwane’s apartment, we’ll come up on that episode eventually… Also, I have a ponytail, I don’t like it. Sigh. EP 18 TOPICS: Whistle-Blower Edward Snowden Crazy Courtrooms Naked Subway Gymnastics “Ball Ironing” Quotes from “Yeezus” Special Guest Peppur Chambers Featured Artist: Aretha…

NEW EPISODE of “The Madness Collective” #Ep51 – Putin’s Russia, Food Stamp Cuts, Lupita & Rihanna, Prince & Arsenio, The New “Annie” and Guest Angela Yarbrough #TMC

Also, is there a Jackson Family “Love Child”?? The Huvr Board Hoax got folks twisted, Will the Ridley/McQueen Feud become like The Hatfield/McCoy Feud? Also R. Kelly is doing something but it doesn’t involve him going to jail so I don’t really care. “EPISODE 51“

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