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Fav Tweets From the 2nd Sandbox Debate #Yikes

(*Please excuse the shady formatting, I’m getting used to this new layout. #StruggleBlogger) (1) JEB! Meet the contenders: Jeb Bush #GOPDebate #CNNDebate pic.twitter.com/SyHaEgu54k — The Daily Show (@TheDailyShow) September 17, 2015 SHIT AINT ADDING UP RT @fivefifths “My brother made America safer” *does maths* pic.twitter.com/vLtgXabC1v — Whitley Gilbert, Esq (@aimn2please) September 17, 2015 (2) The Terrible…

What Poverty Really Looks Like

(1) “When You’re Poor, Money Is Expensive” But by other important measures, it’s awfully expensive to be poor. As Barbara Ehrenreich wrote in her book Nickel and Dimed, many entry-level jobs pay next to nothing with unpredictable schedules. This makes savings, second jobs, affordable loans, and child care all but impossible to arrange. Inescapable poverty changes the way we…

Nightmare Court #SCOTUS

From NYT: “The Supreme Court’s deeply dismaying decision on Monday in the Hobby Lobby case swept aside accepted principles of corporate law and religious liberty to grant owners of closely held, for-profit companies an unprecedented right to impose their religious views on employees. It was the first time the court has allowed commercial business owners to deny…

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