Talent Showcase Tuesdays: “MothaFunny Quickie” and “Moms” #NewWebSeries

Last week I featured several projects friends are working on and this week there’s more! “A MothaFunny Quickie” Created by and Starring Nika Williams and LeShay Tomlinson, a “MothaFunny Quickie” is “what happens when a busy mom and a crazy comedienne get together… ” basically all types of hilarious shenanigans: 1. “Exclusive Scandal Spoiler” (Spoof) 2….


No really, I am soooo serious. He is AWWWWWE-SOOOOOME! This is the video that went viral but don’t sleep his other videos have high numbers as well: From TED: And THEN you find out he has: OSTEOGENESIS IMPERFECTA Also know as “the brittle bone disease” – OMG! I almost lost it. This kid just went from AWE-SOME…

Back to my favorite topic: OVERSHARING

Yes I’m back on that again. Believe you me this info is for YOUR own good. Personally, I don’t care if you want to blast your drunken night/divorce/financial status/health condition all across the internet landscape. HOWEVER you should know that this very same information could be used against you in ways you may never see coming….


I have two posts in the wings – one re Red Tails (yep, I’m still on that) and one re Leroy Gingrich (I’m not getting off that one until he goes home). Unfortunately a very hectic weekend and this “in the way but oh so necessary” day gig forced me to delay publishing those – meaning…

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