But that Bannon dude… Ugh

Of course I didn’t watch “Ex” #PresidentGrimReaper, I mean “Ex” #PresidentBannon on 60 minutes last night – gross – BUT I was paying attention via twitter and I noted a few things:
(1) His response to a question re civil rights: “‘I went to [an] integrated Catholic schl. I don’t need to be lectured by limousine liberals abt this stuff.” Of course social media got busy, and apparently per his yearbook there was ONE person of color in his class. Also he’s QUITE wealthy so this “limousine liberal” stuff – boy stop.
(2) He noted that firing Comey “was one of the worst mistakes in ‘modern political history.’ ” Okay. So was electing *45 in the first place but here we are.
(3) He said that Hillary Clinton isn’t very bright. I’m not even going to dignify this BS with my own response BUT I would like to point out that George Clooney called him a “schmuck” and “a failed film writer and director” and threw in that if Bannon were still in Hollywood “he’d be ‘licking my a*s to get me to do one of his stupid-a*s screenplays.’ ” #TeamClooney
(4) Actually I will add this – this dude really does look like death. Twitter has far better descriptors but point blank he does look at though he is rotting from the inside out, that or someone threw battery acid on his face as a kid and this is the result. #Shudders

(CBS News)


(5) But what REALLY gave me pause was the revelation (new to me) that this harbinger of mayhem and destruction wears two button down shirts AT THE SAME D*MN TIME! W.T.F??? #Sway?? Did Taylor Swift make him do it? Apparently (and ever more perplexedly) he’s been doing it for a while:

“Back in February, he wore two black shirts to the Conservative Political Action Conference. While hosting a radio show at satellite station SiriusXM, he wore two overshirts together. Around election time last year, he visited Trump’s Bedminster golf club in New Jersey wearing two shirts, a jacket and a coat. The message was clear: who can destroy the state, take down the establishment, then wear all his clothes at once? Bannon can!” (The Guardian)

Either he’s doing it on purpose to further weird people out OR it’s an inexpensive way of allowing what is left of his soul to keep from escaping his body. Hope they had some holy water on set just in case…

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