“BEST OF MOMENTS” from Episode 37 of ‘The Madness Collective’ #Quotes

Heeeere we go:

“Isn’t crack the poor person’s drug? Why do people do crack, that one is really bad for you right?” (@1:45

“Toronto is 10 yrs behind, we on that Meth now here in LA, Meth is cheaper than crack.” (@1:50

“When white people do it it’s crack-cocaine, when n*ggas do it it’s just crack.” (@2:27)  

“I can’t have two people that say “n*gga” (@2:30

“It’s crack logic, I love this dude – only a crackhead would be like, u saw me? Let me see the tape!” (@2:50)

“Nobody is more charismatic than a crackhead.” (@3:40

Re the Miami Dolphins:  “These white people are out of control right now” (@6:00)

Tina reads one of the voice mail messages Richie Incognito left for Jonathan Martin. #MustWatchTV (@6:49

Owen explains the rules of using the n-word. #MoreMustWatchTV (@8:00

“You cannot be in football and know both your parents, you gon’ be soft” (@10:15)  

“Half-n*gg*s tell us how you feel about being called half-n*gg*s” (@14:10

Antwane re Eminem explaining his use of the word “f*gg*t”: “I’ve never bought his records, f*ck him, I don’t believe this Bullsh*t.” (@23:25

Owen on how being different led to his career in comedy:

“I’m a kid from the Bahamas, who was living in Maryland so I was in a black neighborhood but I got light eyebrows and a big forehead so I didn’t look like anybody else. So I would be playing with a bunch of black kids and every time we would play somebody would be like ‘Where you from?’ And I had a lisp and I’d say I’m from the Bahamas and they would be like you Bahamanian? And everybody would tease me so as a defense mechanism I would make fun of myself or I would make fun of other people but I was always just funny.” (@33:40

Owen on obtaining an Economics degree from Notre Dame:

“I’m not afraid of white people.” (@36:10

Last remarks @43:15:

“Keep LA Reid’s dick out ya mouth.”

“Be blessed, have a beautiful week. Be blessed!”

“Get out your own way. This week do something that you’ve never done. Keep it legal. Stop doing the same thing, just get a new experience.”

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And be sure to check out OWEN’S COMEDY SPECIAL!

  • WHAT: OWEN SMITH tapes his new Hour Comedy Special “GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY”
  • TIME: Two Shows @ 7pm & 9pm
  • WHERE: Westside Comedy Theater, 1323-A 3rd Street Santa Monica, CA 90401 (3rd Street Promenade in the alley between SANTA MONICA BLVD & ARIZONA)
  • ADMISSION: FREE with a face. All you need is a face and you can get in free. If you don’t have a face $30.00

All you need is a face! How easy is that?? So that means you’re going right? Cool. Trust me, you’ll have a ball!!



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