‘Being Mary Jane’ Recap (S2:E5) – “No Eggspectations” or “Four Follicles” or “Papa Shaft Schools Everybody” #GetYoHappiness

(1) Awww look at Ms. Gayle – guest anchoring on MJ’s show #TalkBack

(2) Why is this egg update with Dr. Marrs happening live? No seriously WHY?? A la Sheldon DeWitt we would have taped this separately, did an edit and THEN shown it. NO woman wants to hear “abnormal” even under the best of circumstances #Smh #FourFollicles

(3) Her network put up the headline: “Mary Jane Paul’s Cryopreservation Problematic” #ICant! I appreciated how Gayle was like ‘Don’t let her drown, throw it back to me!” #ThankYouForTryingGayle!

(4) Heffa you were DRANKING! #LotsOfTequila #LOTS

(5) Wow that was a moment. MJ pulling it together after receiving the news that her eggs are suspect #Breathe #JustSignOffMama #Damn

(6) I would have said I’ll be back in the studio tomorrow to talk about what just happened, motherhood, etc not “election polls and SuperPacs” #GirlStop You need to capitalize on that compassion honey #JustSaying

(7) Naaaah MJ you don’t get to throw ALL of this back on Kara, you jumped into this with your eyes wide open. Didn’t you do your own research? You weren’t aware of all that could go wrong?? Hell I had fibroid surgery last year and talked to at least 4 different doctors and several women I knew who had done it.

(8) Y’all knew Mama Helen was over there losing it. Cue Mama Helen and Papa Shaft. Mama Helen on the phone with Lisa just mad. And now she gotta go face her bridge club or bid whist homies or whomever she hangs out with besides her husband and Niecy #TooMuchAttentionToHerAbnormalVagina

(9) “What if she is barren because of my lupus?” #MamaHelen

(10) Is that the same day? Love those pumps, the dress too. There she go again with the tequila, at least it’s the good stuff. Damn even lil bro called you #LettaYouAlright??

(11) Did Lisa just show up on her patio? Has she read what? We can’t get a title of the book?? Lisa: “Damn do you know another emotion besides anger?” I know right??? Buuuut then she kinda messed up calling MJ out about her lifestyle. Wrong move at this moment. Umm MJ Imma need you to get a new word, you used “sideways” last week as well. With Niecy ‘member? #Repeat

(12) Did Lisa just say whether or not MJ should be “allowed to have a baby” #Huh? I’m not saying Lisa is bringing up a few legit points but this particular convo at this particular juncture #NaaaaaahB

(13) Why is MJ talking about Lisa’s blowjob game? #Whaaaa?

(14) Ooooooh back story – Lisa and David, that was a thing??? MJ’s “he didn’t want you” to Lisa was unnecessary, I mean shouldn’t that have been obvious?? Especailly after ALL these years??? #JustAsking

(15) She is KILLING that tequila. in the morning, on the patio, in the evening, in the tub #AllDayLong #AllOverTheHouse #ThatsWhatAlcoholicsDo

(16) Soundtrack: Lundon Knighten’s “Here In My Skin” – is this the song you were talking about Adenrele?

(17) MJ: “Whatever David, I don’t need you or your flowers, get off my doorstep” #ButReallyILoveYou!

(18) But seriously Cameron talking about Treyvion not paying attention to him – like she said he don’t KNOW you! Still, he should allowed to be in the boy’s life. Like Mama Helen said “it ain’t always about you” girl #Truth

(19) Look at Paul Jr talking about real estate deals and whatnot #TargetBabyBoomers #HighEndRetirementCommunities #LakeKeowee #BougieBlackPeopleHangout

(20) Glad Mama Helen and Niecy have made up, I couldn’t take too much more of their drama #Whew

(21) Oh good MJ addressed the situation – she couldn’t just leave that hanging. Also Kara’s “no xanax” comment #Rude

(22) Pretty sure I’m not a fan of the signing off with a quote.

(23) Mark is corny.

(24) I don’t want MJ and Mark to have a kid together. I just don’t want it. #No

(25) Thank you Pops, you betta teach Paul Jr!! Angel investor or Venture Capitalist? Jake didn’t do all the work, you did. Jake can’t be trusted #RememberDonaldSterling #FreedomOfWealth #HollaAtDavid

(26) Lisa & Mama Helen posted up in the bed like besties #Interesting #WhereHerMama? #BadRelationship #Dead?

(27) The look on both their faces when Lisa was like “I’m fine David thanks for asking” #MenNeverGetIt

(28) David: “I’m in BUT imma need 49.9% ownership equity.” Welcome to doing business #Grasshopper

(29) This production meeting talking about going through with the extraction, umm didn’t Dr. Marrs say that was NOT a good look? “Sell it as a long shot” #WTF?

(30) Here she go again walking to her front door with a bat. Is it that late? Are robbers really going to knock?? #Sigh

(31) What happened to Sheldon Dewitt??? #NoShow

(32) Pops to MJ: “Go out there and get your happiness” #PREACH! #RealTalk #YES #SIR!!!

(33) I want MJ’s shower. Actually I’ll just take the entire house #:-)

(34) Why can’t she wait and do the process again? Girl… #ImpatientAss

COMING UP: David & MJ torture each other (again), Sheldon DeWitt talks about black men being smothered (please miss me with that notion), MJ asks her brother if he’s suicidal (say what now?), Dr. Valerie shows up and Dr. Lisa looks sad and sounds bitter in her kitchen #FunTimes


'‘Being Mary Jane’ Recap (S2:E5) – “No Eggspectations” or “Four Follicles” or “Papa Shaft Schools Everybody” #GetYoHappiness' have 2 comments

  1. September 6, 2015 @ 4:26 pm S

    Great recap! I was cringing at the quote sign off myself…bish just sign off! 😛


    • September 6, 2015 @ 9:33 pm CM

      Lol @ “bish just sign off!” RIGHT! She is just so so crazy. I stay yelling at the tv while watching. Again, glad you like! 🙂


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