‘Being Mary Jane’ Recap – “Hot Seat” (S3:E5)

(1) Open with MJ arguing with Greg about being put back on the air. Greg is explaining why Marisol works right, cause immigration. MJ is like IDGAF, I know that issue AND I speak Spanish. Greg: “but she IS ‘Spanish'” / MJ: “Actually she’s Mexican” / Greg is like whatever she is she is staying on the air. /MJ: “we’ll see about that.” #ShotsFired

(1.2) Here I shall place my required “I hate Greg” sentence: I hate Greg.

(2) MJ called The Coalition as in “The Jesse Jackson Rainbow Push Coalition” but first she put some “coint” in their coffers #5000

(3) Sure enough the next scene is MJ sitting at the end of a board table surrounded by a stern group of black people wearing suits. No, Jesse was not able to be there in person. He sent his reps.


Yes we are talking to YOU Greg!

(4) MJ’s black people delegation told Greg MJ needs to be back on the air in 3 to 6 weeks. MJ almost chocked when she heard that time frame. He don’ messed up now. He was supposed to say “tonight white man or else!” Or something super aggressive like that.

(5) MJ confronts him in the hallway telling him it didn’t really seem like he was “pushing” hard enough (just caught that – kinda funny) for her and tries to throw her $5,000 donation in his face. He didn’t say it but I will – $5,000 ain’t NUTHIN’! Hell that’s the money you tricking off to Cee Cee once a week. Girl please.

(6) Hahaha! He hit her with: “There is a sequential process which includes research, education, negotiation, confrontation and reconciliation.” Jesse taught him well!! Are rhyming words part of the trainee manual??

(7) MJ is like you know what, never mind, I got this. The paps are outside and asking a zillion questions about why she called in the heavy artillery and MJ’s response was: “I’ll be back on the air on Monday.” I was not mad at her move. #Boss

(Photo Credit: BET)

(Photo Credit: BET)

(8) They flashed an Ayn Rand quote which I’m not going to reprint because IMO she was the Sarah Palin of her generation but actually intelligent and I just can’t. BUT I can quote a person who made a very similar statement, RHOA’s Sheree Whitfield: “who gon’ check me boo?”

(9) THEN this heffa took back her donation. MJ is TRIFLING! Or has Mark called her “gauche” (but quietly that was a gangsta a*s move. I mean “I” wouldn’t have done it. My momma didn’t raise me to be that much of an a*s but I don’t have a pool either sooooo…) #Jokes

(10) Loving Margaret Avery’s in the house ensemble and that wig. Mama Helen is giving me grown woman home elegance right now. YAAAASSSS!!

(11) Patrick in there pushing products and reveals that he is using his momma’s car for work. So he could have had a job AND a car two seasons ago but it made more sense to keep borrowing money from MJ? Word??

(Photo Credit: BET)

(Photo Credit: BET)

(12) Niecy is still mad at her father. Was/is hella disrespectful to him. He tried to check her. I don’t think it landed. Niecy’s mother (Jill Scott) is on her way to visit. I don’t like Niecy’s hair.

(13) Patrick is already messing up at KO Kola, apparently he’s often late and he’s slow. Maybe it’s the two earrings he’s wearing??

(14) Kara called MJ on speakerphone. Cardinal rule of calling someone on speaker and the caller is not alone – the first thing you announce is I HAVE YOU ON SPEAKER PHONE! Of course that didn’t happen and MJ called Greg a “fat a*s.” Greg of course heard it. Whatever, he is fat. Fck him.

(15) Greg tells MJ he is her biggest ally and that he is not a racist. Whenever a white person feels the need to utter that line – just stop. Also wasn’t he actively trying to get her fired last season?? He’s the worst.

(Photo Credit: BET)

(Photo Credit: BET)

(16) Greg ran down MJ’s “bad” behavior. Late. Ignores orders. And for the win she is “Sassy” and not in a good way. Derisively calling black women “sassy” drives me crazy. Do white women get called “sassy”? “Sassy” is word for 5 yr olds. Now “recalcitrant” – that’s a word! Anyway MJ gets her way #Monday

(17) Jill Scott a.k.a. Niecy’s momma rolls in with gifts and good cheer. She is super busy and apparently has money to drop because she is Nicki Minaj’s hairdresser. Okay, so she can’t help buy her daughter a car? Hell, help with rent?? Never mind.

(18) MJ meets Mark at a club where people are doing coke and I think having simulated sex or real sex (it’s not clear) in public. She is out of her element.

(19) Mark said a guy was “not in gay shape” – that was funny. MJ asked Mark if anal sex hurt. Mark said he’s a top. Mark then clowned her three date before sex rule. MJ flirts with a white dude from afar #Foreshadowing

(20) Greg ain’t SH*T! He totally tried to PLAY her! MJ goes back on air and in the middle of her broadcast the teleprompter goes out but you gots to give her credit she handled that ish like a professional. Paused for one second then killed it. That was some real grimy ish Greg. Real GRIMY!

(Photo Credit: BET)

(Photo Credit: BET)

(21) Niecy comes back late to the house from dinner with her mother. Patrick checks her. Niecy pushes back. Moms chimes in as well and basically told her to grow up and stop being a brat #True

(22) Yes MJ, Greg totally set you up and the scene I want to see is you calling him out about it. #Crickets

(23) MJ sees a bunch of support tweets re being back on the air and complimenting her haircut. Oh I forgot to mention that part, MJ has a new do.

(24) Also she took heed to Greg’s words and heffa got in before e’rybody else. #MJinControl

(25) Jill visited Patrick’s sad efficiency studio apartment. They reminisce about old times and Jill tells Patrick he needs to “Father up” re Niecy. Jill also came clean. Apparently she is NOT Nicki’s hairdresser. She handles Nick’s dancers. Ooooooohhhh, ooookaaaaay. Maybe we’re about to see more of Jill??


(Photo Credit: BET)

(26) Jill has a moment. Her life is hectic. Patrick comforts her. I mean he could have just hugged her and kissed her check but naaaah he want that good good. Yes they had sex.

(27) MJ goes back to the club. Connects with the fine white dude she peeped last time she was there. They flirt, dance and make out. I am NOT mad at her. To quote my girl Michelle #HeFine

(28) Ummm so MJ just gave what looked like a “climax” face. Sorry not sorry for the graphic language but I have to ask was he inside her?? At least fingering her??? At the club??? MJ let THAT go down?????

(28.1) Hmmm she just told Mark all they did was kiss. Hmmmm.

(29) I like MJ’s dress and her specs. I’ll always give her this – her wardrobe stay “on fleek” 😉


(30) MJ still isn’t happy that SNC is in last place but Kara says they are holding steady so that’s a win. MJ finally decides to be present and enjoy the moment. Yes heffa sit by your pool with a glass of wine and just smile for a minute. #DamnGina!

(31) Was happy to NOT see Cee Cee this episode. Whew!


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  1. November 11, 2015 @ 9:08 am S.

    *dead* at Mark being a top. Mmhmm.

    “MJ meets Mark at a club where people are doing coke and I think having simulated sex or real sex (it’s not clear) in public.” #FixItJesus

    This episode sounds like it was Sahara dry.

    LOL re: Sheree. I’m going to marathon RHOA this year because it was just draining last season but I’m mad that NeNe isn’t on the show now that she’s back. Their beef and exchange of shade was legendary!


    • November 11, 2015 @ 12:03 pm CM

      That whole entire exchange b/t Mark and MJ was “Mmmhmmm” and Jesus is on vacay with a “do not disturb” voicemail msg. Trust.

      Lol @ “sahara dry” – I mean basically… :-/

      Yeeeeaaaah I had to make a call to not recap RHOA. At least not a full one anyway. Even though you haven’t seen it yet, here is my FB post. Maybe I can just post this brief recap on this site as well, not every recap has to be a tome. 😉

      (1) Peter is ridiculous “yeah I saw it, I didn’t think it was a big deal” ‪#‎ManStop‬ (2) Re Porsha’s dude… ‪#‎ChileStop‬ (3) Cynthia’s reaction to Kenya’s house ‪#‎COMEDY‬! (4) Phaedra’s kids are just too damn cute! ‪#‎Awwww‬ (5) It’s already been a year since Apollo went to jail? ‪#‎TimeFlies‬ (6) Todd bringing up some nonpayment issue from several seasons back seems SUPER contrived ‪#‎Whatever‬ (7) Malorie to Cynthia: “Are you still attracted to Peter with his clothes off?” / Cynthia: “Ummm, no” ‪#‎WOW‬! (8) Also Malorie was dead wrong for running her mouth like that at the party ‪#‎Hush‬ (9) AND Kenya was extra wrong for coming at Sharay like that out the gate ‪#‎DramaQueen‬ also ‪#‎GlassHousesHeffa‬ (10) Cynthia looked AMAZING!!! ‪#‎YAAASSSSSSSS‬!!! Coming up: Kim Fields…


      • November 19, 2015 @ 1:13 pm S.

        LOL, I still haven’t watched RHOA but is Todd seriously after Phae for 5K? SMH. I think her, Kandi and him and just faking storylines for fun.


        • November 19, 2015 @ 5:18 pm CM

          RIGHT!! Straight up NONSENSE!


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